Thursday 3 January 2013


Conversation between my friend Jean & I.

“The Oz-Bus crew start arriving tonight”. (This is a regular reunion of some the Oz-Bus group who I travelled overland around the world with a couple of years ago)

“Shit, I forgot. Who’s coming?”

“Ben & Ciaran tonight and Caroline & Tim on Friday. Jonny can't make it though because he's not well.  Want to join us for lunch on Saturday”

“Love to. What time are they arriving?”

“Not before midnight and that’s a problem. By 9 pm my legs start to twitch and before my whole body starts twitching I just about manage to make it up the stairs. That wakes me up for a while. I switch on the TV and when I start feeling the twitching come on again I eat my banana and yoghurt, that keeps me going for another half hour because I don’t like going to bed too early.”

“You eat what?”

“Banana & yoghurt”.

“That’s a strange combination.”

“Well there is actually a logic to it. I eat banana because it has an ingredient that’s good for you beginning with “P” and as I don’t eat much dairy product I have a yoghurt because it contains an ingredient that begins with “C”.

“OK, well that makes sense” (Does it? Jean worries me at times!)

“Well actually I absolutely love bananas. I love beetroot too, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to eat beetroot in bed does it?”

“No, I’ll give you that one”

“Actually, I am so well known for loving bananas and beetroot that Vinnie (my grandson) brings me a huge bunch of bananas and jars of beetroot every time he comes to visit. Come to think about it, that’s kind of weird isn’t it?”

“I’ll give you that one too. But, let me get this straight, are you saying that he is weird, or you are weird?”

“Well I suppose it has to be me doesn’t it?”.

“Yes duckie, I would say so. You should write a blog about it. See you Saturday”.

By this time we are both howling with laughter, gasping for breath, with tears streaming down our faces! So there you have it. Officially weird.

Happy New Year.