Tuesday 11 September 2012


I think that Seb Coe should be offered a top job to sort out our economy now.  What an achievement!  Not only were the Olympics amazing, inspirational and a massive boost to our flagging moral, he managed to handle the budget, organisation, transport network and security without a hitch.  Even when our national psyche is to "talk things down"!

And when G4, the company appointed to handle security, appeared to let him down he didn't flinch, but simply bought in the armed forces to fill the gaps.  (I have a suspicion that this was planned from the beginning, but to admit that would have maybe scared off the punters). 

A word of praise for our legendary armed forces.  Some had just come back from Afghanistan and should have gone on leave, but without a murmer they rallied around, and rose to the task which was above and beyond the call of duty with grace and good humour.  We are so proud of them. 

Even the BBC was finally contaminated with optimism and that must have been his finest hour.  Honestly, I sometimes wonder is the BBC is an agent provocateur.  If there is good news, they will find an "ah but ....."

And let's not forget the glorious Boris Johnson, our mad, wacky, charismatic but hugely intelligent Mayor of London.  I absolutely adore him and remember predicting great things for him way back at the beginning of this century (that sounds a long time ago doesn't it  :-) ?  But, I believe, we ain't seen nothing yet.  Remember, you read it here first!  

 And now, at last, Andy Murray has won a Grand Slam title in New York.  Onward and upward. Rule Britannia!!