Monday 31 May 2010


I had may bag stolen yesterday. Idiot that I am it contained my BlackBerry, IPod Touch, Camera, and purse with 100 sterling in it. The bag was found dumped and thankfully returned to me. The scabby thief had, for some reason, not taken my credit cards which was a massive blessing. I think he was probably after easily disposable items to buy drugs with. Its more inconvenient than anything else because I can reclaim on the insurance.

However, that has not interfered with our holiday. The weather is great and the children are having the time of their lives. Elise, Orianne, Taylor and Harvey in particular love being together. Taylor said that this holiday with the girls is the best idea that I have ever had. I would dispute that, I think that I have probably had one or two better ideas!

It´s Elise´s 9th birthday today and we are taking her into town for a surprise birthday meal. George has arranged a cake for her and I´m sure she will be thrilled to bits. She is getting very grown up now.

Saturday 29 May 2010

Opps sporry

I've got in a mucking fuddly with the pictures and now I'm too pissed to care!
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Me & my mum

This is written by me, Noah. I am 15 months old and on Holiday with my mum, the grownups call her Georgina, my dad, Dan I who adore, my baby brother, Leyton, my two sisters Elise & Orianne and my GGMother Ann.

These are pictures of my mum & Noah & Elise dressed for dinner. Tonight my Aunt Kim, Uncle Jamie & 2 cousins Harvey & Taylor join us. We are having a great time.

My Nanny wants me to send a message to DogLover. She says that you are quite welcome to join the girls in Soho on 10th July, and a message to Addy, it's July, not June.
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Me and my shaddow

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Friday 28 May 2010

My back yard

When you go away it's always a bit worrying in case the accommodation and facilities arn't up to scratch but luckily these are excellent. Unlike our crazy apartment in Brooklyn.

These 3 little girls just love messing about in boats. Such innocence!

I have been arranging a lunch in Soho with 3 of my "girl"! friends next month. Wana join is Addy? We are all fellowship
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Wednesday 26 May 2010


I haven't had a beach holiday for ages. In fact I think the last one was when Davy & I came here one Christmas maybe 15 years ago. He hated it so it wasn't much fun for him. I must admit I could find better ways to pass my time but this is a holiday for the younger generations.

More tomorrow when we have explored. So far the signa are good.

By the way the silver locket belonged to my daughter. She bought it when she was very young and hasn't seen it for years. It still doesn't explain how it married itself up with the other items at that percise time.

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Tuesday 25 May 2010


This is very strange. Before travelling to New York with my friend Jean we stayed overnight at a hotel. When we left I was double checking that we hadn't left anything behind and that everything was in the right bag, passport, purse and the like. I was travelling with an empty rucksack because I always "acquire" stuff when I walk through an airport, like a newspaper, another book, some extra strong mints etc. So...I checked my rucksack to make sure I didn't have anything in there that could go into my hold luggage and pulled out these three items.
The locket I had never seen before, the boarding pass was for the last flight I had taken to New York with Davy to meet up with Jack & Betsy, the very same friends I was going to visit now , stopping off first in New York before flying on to Seattle where they live and the tissues I had bought when we were with them in Italy, their last visit to Europe. I have used this rucksack many, many times and never seen these items in it before. But the real mad thing is that my friend Jean used to have a business called Silver Locket.
I don't believe in "signs" and that sort of weirdness, but this made the hairs on the back of neck stand on end. Make of it what you will.


I think I made the right decision to come home a day early to avoid the BA strike. I didn't relish the idea of being unable to get home. I think that's a basic instinct in most people isn't it? It's good to go away, but even better to come home again.

The children were glad to see me and that is more than money can buy. I am so blessed with my family and friends. They are doing their very best to help me through this awful time and I sincerely hope that this will continue because I will never get over Davy's death. He left such a big hole in me that will never be filled.

So, where to next? Tomorrow morning we get picked up by minibus at 10.30 to start our journey to the Island of exotic birds for a beach holiday with the children. It should be fun.

Sunday 23 May 2010


This is where Starbucks first began, opposite Seattle's Pike Street Market. There are always buskers outside, attracted by the crowds paying homage to an American icon.

The market is also an interesting place, especially the fish traders. When a buyer makes a large purchase they shout and throw the huge fish to each other. Doesn't sound much but it's quite spectacular.

Many years ago we had a wonderful meal in what was at that time the best restaurant in Seattle. As it was my last day we set out on a mission to find it again and although we didn't know it's name or even what street it's on by some miracle we found it. It's called
Palamino and is on the corner of Pike and 5th and it is still amazing.

Now I'm waiting to board my flight for the long journey home. Luckily I've been upgraded so I should get some sleep.

Home for two sleeps, then off to my next destination where I will enjoy some well earned sunshine

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Saturday 22 May 2010

This is the ferry

Pulling in to meet us.

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I still have a shirt

My friends all had small wins at the casino. I had a small loss! It would have been a different story had Ashley been with me. Rumour has it that he is a pretty good "card counter" and not loved by casinos! I have met some pretty colourful characters in my life!

After having said sad goodbye to our friends Chuck & Sue who blew me away by travelling nearly 4 hours just to see me we are now on our way to the ferry which will take us across the Puget Sound to our BBQ date with Jack & Betsy's children.
We are now
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Friday 21 May 2010


Last night a couple of friends drove up from Oregan. It was so good to see them again and I was absolutely bowled over when Chuck said that he reads this humble blog! He quoted me seveval things I have writen, like the suggestions that we call Davy's memorial garden "The Fuckwit Garden" because that was a particularly favourite swearword of Davy's. I should add that this was not my suggestion, I was only reporting an idea, but I must be more careful what I write. But there again, nah! I am what I am!!

Today we will spend with Chuck and Sue, culminating at the Indian Casino for a meal and a little "investment" opportunity. I hope I don't lose my shirt! But hey, they are doing well back at the office so I'm sure they wouldn't deny me my guilty pleasures. Would they?

I was due to fly British Airways on Tuesday (the day the strike starts) but I have managed to pull it forward for a day so I will go home for two sleeps before going on to my next destination. Which is, where? Where exotic birds fly.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Cabin fever

This is a picture of Davy (on the right), when he spent 6 weeks helping his friend Jack to extend his home. This is how it looks now.

He had so much fun doing it. Davy had been in construction all his life and when he heard that Jack was going to renovate his house he was desperated to help out. We had been friends with Jack & Betsy since 1973 and he wanted to repay Jack for all the help he had given him in the early days of his sobriety, mainly helping him to see things rationally because he was a crazy man, while Betsy had helped me learn how to deal our mad existence.
Today the weather has been too bad to do anything much but lunch. This evening Jack & Betsy's friends Chuck and Sue are driving up from Oregon to spend a couple of days here which will be nice. They are really good people and Chuck was very fond of Davy.


Yesterday we did another road trip, this time with Betsy's friend Sharon to Berryfields Antiques in Chehalis, Washington. A mere 160 mile round trip. This is a rural area so everywhere is miles away!

Because we were having pot roast for dinner it was our intention to have a "light lunch" of a sandwich and coleslaw. I had meant to order half a sandwich, but I forgot and this is what I got. Same old, same old - way, way too much food. We had our uneaten half sandwiches put in a box to take away. Which was quite handy because today Betsy played golf, I watched and afterwards we had a little libation at the golf course. By the time we got home we were not in any shape to make lunch so we just went to the 'fridge and pulled out our sandwiches. That sobered us up!

Tonight we have a weather warning of a spring storm with high winds and rain. There is talk of moving me from the RV into the house to keep me safe. This is new territory. We don't get this sort of weather at home, just rain and grey skies.

Tuesday 18 May 2010


On Sunday we did a 300 mile road trip, stopping for lunch and a saunter through the rain forrest. This is beautiful countryside, if a little wet at times! But being from England this is no hardship to me. Unfortunately I had been watching the weather forecast both for here and New York before I travelled. The weather had been really good right up until we arrived then it turned bad on us. I had packed for good weather so I am basically stuffed. I had to resort to buying a umbrella in New York and yesterday I gave in and bought myself a warm cardigan. I remember last time I came to Seattle I had to buy a macintosh but I never learn. The story of my life.

Today it's tipping it down again so we are going to a shopping outlet and then lunch. Luckly I'm with friends and it's good to actually stay at home and relax with them. I'm having a wonderful time.

The next place I visit is guarantee sunshine, so that's when my packing of light clothing will work! I hope!!

Sunday 16 May 2010

My home in the woods

My home in the woods
Originally uploaded by anninfotel

This RV is my humble abode and my friends live in the "big house" which Davy helped renovate in 2000.

Saturday 15 May 2010


The weather here is perfect today, mid 60's. Such a tonic. Today we are having a BBQ for some friends and neighbours that I have met before. I'm really looking forward to meeting them all again. They are such nice genuine people and great company.

Yesterday we spent quietly, just talking, watching TV and going out to lunch at the Olive Garden. I now feel rested and in harmony with the world. The only thing missing is Davy. He loved visiting Jack and Betsy so much and we have been remembering previous visits with fond memories.

The only cloud on the horizon is the pending BA strike. Will I get back home again in time to go on my next trip? That is the question.

Friday 14 May 2010


I took the flight out of New York yesterday bound for Seattle, THE HOME OF STARBUCKS. When we go into the city I'll take a photograph of the original coffee house.

The weather is perfect, unlike the dreadful weather we had in NY, and my good friends of 35+ years are looking after me so well. I have my own little house in the garden with all mod-cons, hotel style buffet breakfast provided, laundry and chauffer service, tour guide, wonderful food, and good conversation.

They live in the country where it's quiet and extremely beautiful. Last night we went to their local Mexican restaurant for a great meal. After a good nights sleep I'm now good to go.

One of the best things is that I now have access to a REAL computer. I was having severe withdrawals!

I'm here until 24th and then, BA strike and vulcanic dust permitting, back to blighty to catch a plane to my next destination! Which is? Ahh, that would be telling.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Last day in NYC

We are planning to rejoin Tour bus finishing at Rockefeller Centre (weather permitting). It's not been good but it has been dry until today. Today is drizzel/rain.

We found some pretty good restaurants thanks MrN. This is actually an up and coming area. We have a great coffee shop next door, and fantastic Mexican, Argentinian and gourmet restaurants within a few minutes walk. Tonight we are staying in because I have an early start in the morning.
Off to the birthplace of Starbucks and country living sounds great to me Flagmaker. See you at noon tomorrow.

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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Empire State Building

Yesterdays photograph were taken from the top of the Empire State Building. I didn't actually take one of the WTC site on this phone because it doesn't take good images so I used my camera.

We bought a 3 day Hop on Hop off Tour Bus tickets from Joe outside Grand Central Station. Today we Hop on again at Central Park and meet up with Jean's son this pm for a tour of the Metropolitain Museum of Art where he worked for a year.

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Monday 10 May 2010

Rebuild of WTC

The last time I was here this place was known as 'ground zero'. It was a desperate and bleak. Today we walked through the Church beside the site where the rescue workers sought refuge. The stories of heroism were so heart rending. The guy walking in front of me kept snuffing and wiping his eyes and I wondered what his stort was. It never ceases to amaze me how the Human spirit prevails. It gives pause for thought.
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Ah! A Starbuck fan

Well done DogLover. I'm now on way to do a CIty Tour. TaTa
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Sunday 9 May 2010


No certainly not Maggie. You should be content just to read this drivel!
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View from our apartment

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Good nights sleep, if a little noisy! Comfortable bed.

Today we catch the L, change somewhere (I'm relying on Jean remembering where) to Central Station, shop at the market, sightsee and have one of the best smoothies in the world. Then back to Ian's for lunch to meet some of his friends.

By the way doglover, my ref to "the home of Starbucks" was a clue to where I'm going when I leave NY!
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5* to weird

Last night we stayed at a top hotel tonight we stay at a strange apartment in an "interesting" neighbourhood in 8rooklyn. The apartment is on the 3rd floor of a very rundown building with tatty curtains, windows that threaten to fall out, but brand new furniture, 50" Panasonic cable TV and massive fridge & microwave.

Lets see what tomorrow brings!

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Saturday 8 May 2010


Make that vulcanic. It takes me forever to type this out and once it's posted I haven't figured out how to edit. Unlike the foreign reporter in the BBC advert who taps away on her blackberry and then presses send.

Opps off we go
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Vulvanic ash

So here we are, sitting on the plane to nowhere, listening to the poor captain giving false hope of take off in 10 minutes, no make that 4 hours, sorry it may be 30 minutes. In the meantime they have activated the "in flight" entertainment! That is not a good sign.

The captain had already prepared us for an extended flight to avoid the ash so goodness what time we will arrive.

We had only just said how well things were going. That will teach us.

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Endless electioneering will be a thing of the past for a while because where I'm going they could care less about this small Island.

I'm travelling with my good friend Jean. The reason for the trip is that her son, Davy's godson, was to graduate from NYU after 8 years following a 4 year stint at Cambridge Uni. However he has been offered an under graduate post at Toronto Uni from where he will graduate next year. Unfortunately we will have to attend that! But we are delighted to going to NY.

I am then going on to the home of Starbucks.
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Friday 7 May 2010

Hammersmith Apollo?

No way Addie. Is that the old Hammersmith Odeon? I once saw Tom Jones there in our hey day. Ah, happy days.
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Partially correct Anne

Airport yes, Switzerland no.

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This is a "photo free" zone

A clue to where I am is that a very kind Chinese girl have up her seat for me. I graciously accepted. The Parkistani lady sitting opposite apologised pefusely while an elderly malasian lady exlained sheepishly to the Indian gentleman sitting next to her that she hadn't noticed me having to stand. I guess that I should consider having that facelift after all!
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Yes aims, that IS the question.

But this NOT the answer
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Another clue

A dead give away.

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Clue 1

Sorry, my finger slipped. I'm in a huge building West of London.
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Clue 1

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Where am I now?

The answer is in the clues.

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Wednesday 5 May 2010


A little light relief from boring election stuff.
A start has been made on Davy's memorial garden. With a little bit of luck it should look something like this when its finished !