Wednesday 23 June 2010


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My nanny says the funniest things. Today she said that she thought that England could win The World Cup. I said to myself "not a chance, they play like nincumpoops". I love that word. In fact I think I may make it the first word I say. My brother Noah is 17 months old and he doesn't say anything yet. But he's a good pointer and manages to get his "point" across, if you see what I mean.

Today I heard the grown ups say that the next England match is on Sunday. We play Germany. That's a laugh, although apparently I have heard say that we have actually won against Germany in the past. I think that we won the First and Second World Wars, but that was in the days when men were men and our footballers weren't wooses.

Now you wait until my brother and I play for England, we will show them a thing or two. My brother has hands like dinner plates and thighs like tree trunks and my nanny says he will be a goalkeeper. I, however, am more refined and I may be a Prince or something instead of a footballer. I haven't quite made my mind up yet, but I have plenty of time to decide.


They are in a good frame of mind today. What with the sun and the good news that at last the debt crisis is being dealt with. They told me that they feel quite relieved and hope that the future will be financially secure for them now that our new Chancellor, that nice Mr. Osborne, has laid out his plans to get us back on track again.

However, they do have one small concern regarding Mr Osborne. They wonder why he was on that Baron Rothschild yacht a few years back with the scary Baron Mandelson our ex First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, President of the Board of Trade, and Lord President of the Council aka dracular.

Their worry is that young Osborne and the mad Mandelson are political poles apart so what was the attraction of being in the company of the man whose ancestors made their billions by creating financial and political mayhem inciting wars so that they could lend money to the countries in financial difficulties? I told them not to worry about that, the world is due to end in 2012 so just enjoy!

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Tuesday 22 June 2010


Not many people in England have memories long enough to know that!

At last I have taken delivery of my BlackBerry to replace the one that was stolen.

Hopefully it will inspire me to write again because I can be more impulsive when I "blog on the go".
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Thursday 17 June 2010


I just realised how long it has been since we arrived home. One week to be exact. I sometimes find it much more difficult to write when I'm at home because there are so many distractions.

So, what's happened this week? Well the tossers at the insurance company have decreed that I can't claim for my stolen items because they were "left unattended". My question is, aren't goods always stolen when they are unattended? If they were attended do they seriously think you would allow them to be stolen? Or is it me? Being the stroppy person that I am, I disputed this decision and asked them to listen back to the call recording and tell me exactly how they had come to that conclusion. I am now being punted around the system with them promising to listen to the call recording and apologising for not having done so yet!

I was luckier with my BlackBerry because it was on contract and due an upgrade anyway. The new 'phone came the next day, the sim card didn't. Now I am another vortex of them saying it's "in the post" and me not receiving it, then it's "in the post" again and around and around we go on that particular merry-go-around.

Do you know, I'm heartily tired of fighting the system all the time. I still have an on-going dispute about speeding fines. It's a long story, but the abridged version is that when Davy was in Addenbrookes Hospital last November I was caught 3 times that week on the same camera. I was so surprised that this was a 30 mile an hour zone and raised a query regarding the validity of this limit, requesting to see the Traffic Regulation Order. As this was not produced I requested this information under the Freedom of Information Act. It was still not produced and when we researched it we found this has been a contentious issue for the last 40+ years.

My original need to fight these speeding fines was that I was in danger of losing my licence and I desperately needed it to ferry Davy about to his various hospital/clinic appointments. After Davy died the need was not so great, but by that time I had got mad with the whole damn thing. We are having one last stab at resolving this, then I give in and, believe me, that will really make my flesh crawl! Isn't what a wonderful phrase?

Apart from that, and the sickness bug we all went down with, things are fine!

Sunday 6 June 2010


It´s so good to see the sun every morning. At home we invariably wake to overcast skies and that´s if we´re lucky. Most times it´s raining and miserable! I guess there are compensations though, like a comfortable bed. Talking of which I am going home to a new bed, delivered while I´ve been away. The story is that some time ago Davy and I went to a hotel and the bed was so comfortable that we vowed to buy ourselves one. I took the details and when I went to order one found out it was a contract item only available to the hotel trade.

Again, when Davy was ill in hospital in Cambridge I stayed over and slept in the same type of bed. More resolve, so we trawled our hotel contacts and found a kind hotelier willing to order me one. It took time, but it arrived last week. I am really looking forward to sleeping it and my only regret is that Davy could not be with me.

Today we are starting off with a short walk because it´s cooler in the morning, then a day of lounging in the sun, interspersed with visits to the restaurant or bar. Ahhh! Someones got to do it.

Wednesday 2 June 2010


It has been hotter than hell here today. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but that´s how it feels. I forgot to say that there has also been an outbreak of chicken pox here, one little girl was behind us on the plane so we are watching the wee ones very carefully.

Our "girls lunch out" in Soho may be about to be extended to an overnight stay and a show because entirely by coincidence this weekend happens to be my birthday and some "girls" in my family and extended family want to treat me. I had banned them from giving me a surprise party because Davy always arranged that and without him it would be too difficult for me, but when they suggested that as I was in London anyway this would be a good alternative it seemed an excellent idea. I fancy going to see the "Queen" show "I Will Rock You". We may even treat ourselves to lunch out on Sunday too! Maybe a swanky hotel like the Langham? These things sometimes have a way of running wild!

So any of "the Soho crowd" want to stay over or other friends or family/extended family members join us please let yourselves be known and we will put you on the rooming list. As I have lost the BlackBerry I will contact you all when I get home.