Tuesday 4 September 2007


My bags are packed and I'm ready to go, the taxi's waiting outside my door, I hate to say goodbye but I must go. I'm leaving on a jet plane.

The traffic at Heathrow is horrendous. I kinda knew the way to the hotel. Down to the roundabout just before the Heathrow tunnel where the Concorde was displayed, turn right onto the A4 and hey-presto - the hotel. Wrong!!

First signs that something was awry was the road signing, A4 left Terminals 1 & two middle lane Terminal 3 right hand lane. Now I KNEW that the A4 was a léft turn so the best thing to do was ignore directions in exactly the same way that you ignore IKEA assembly instructions. My husband always takes delight in pointing out the error of my ways in this respect. I hate smart assess don't you?

Well it doesn't take a genius to predict the outcome of my foolish decision. The righthand turn at the roundabout was blocked off and we were stuck in imperceptably moving traffic (that means it was going at a snails pace) that was slowly sucking us into the airport.

Half an hour and two more wrong decisions later two starving passengers were dropped at the hotel just in time to join the rear of the queue that had spewed out of a huge bus.

Ah well! This morning we will take no chances. It's the airport bus for us. He, surely, knows the way.

Istanbul here we come. Are you ready for this?

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DogLover said...

That's nothing, R&C. Let me tell you some day about my attempts to find (a) my hotel in Edinburgh and (b) a parking place there when the Festival was on ...

Have a good time on your special train and keep us up to date!