Friday 27 June 2008


OG’s chemo was cancelled yesterday due to his blood levels being too low. He had a transfusion instead and today he has been bouncing around like a two year old. In fact I could almost say he is back to his “old self”!

This afternoon we went to buy some more paint. The car is not always a good place for us to be together on account of the fact that when he is well he likes to drive and when he drives he frightens the life out of me.

After one particularly dangerous manoeuvre I hear him mutter

“Oh shut up”

“Don’t tell me to shut up”

“Well you are getting on my nerves”

“I’M getting on YOUR nerves? How dare YOU tell ME off when YOU are frightening ME to death. It should be ME shouting at YOU, not YOU shouting at ME”.

“I didn’t shout at you”

“You did. I sometimes don’t know what planet you live on, YOU drive like a lunatic and shout at ME for being scared. Oh! I'm so sorry, I forgot, it's all my fault! You’re totally barking mad”

“Will you just listen to yourself? It’s you that is doing the shouting, not me”

“Oh shut up”

“Don’t you ever, ever come in the car with me again”

“Well then, you will have to remind me of that, because I just sooo love to be with you when you’re driving”

“No need to be sarcastic”

We driving on for a while in amiable silence, then he speaks

“It’s a lot cleaner isn’t it?”

“What’s a lot cleaner?”

“That place where you where”

“What place?”

“The room you were in”

“What room?”

By this time we are screaming at each other again

“The fucking room downstairs in the new fucking building”

“Well why didn’t you say that in the beginning”

“It’s a lot cleaner isn’t it?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t notice”

By this time we have drawn up at the Dulux Decorator’s Centre. Ahhhh! It’s not the DULUX Decorator's Centre, it’s the CROWN Decorator’s Centre. Unfortunately we must have Dulux to match existing, Crown paint just simply will not do. Back to the drawing board. Hush my mouth, who was it said this was the DULUX Decorator's Centre, surely not me? Less said the better! Still, look on the bright side, it passed away a pleasant hour together. And in the famous words of Scarlett O'hara "tomorrow is another day". We will venture out to the DULUX supplier in the morning, by that time we may have recovered from todays' traumatic adventures. This time I will do the driving!

On to more normal stuff. A young student that worked for us in his holidays is taking part in the 2008 Mongol Rally that starts on the 19TH July leaving Hyde Park, London, heading over 10,000 miles to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The idea is to raise as much money as possible for charity by driving an old banger through some of the most remote areas of the world. Anyone that would interested can read all the details and donate sponsorship money at

Good luck Matt, we are all rooting for you.


DogLover said...

Why can't the man choose his own paint, for Goodness sake?

I have just done exactly that for my sitting room.

Now I've got to change all the furniture and get a new carpet to match the hideous walls.

Maggie May said...

Oh....... that is just like Harry & me on a trip out! Awful!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh you two are something else. But I'm sure you'd not have it any other way...and I agree about Dulux paint...I remember when we lived in England we made the mistake of buying a knock off paint and paid the price for it too when we had to go back and buy paint that was more than white wash, lol..great really are crazy lol

aims said...

I had a similar experience just yesterday! The Man and I moved our little 13' trailer out to my brother's rafting place for the summer so that I will have a place to sleep when I am helping out.

Usually I drive when we are towing the trailer - just to give The Man a break from his daily drive to work. Long daily drive to work.

He drives much faster than I do - something he has learned over the years of racing to work I imagine.

We were racing up behind a couple of cars with their brake lights on and I was shouting Stop Stop Stop....He didn't appreciate it. Especially when it happened 3 times in the one 40 minute trip. said...

DogLover, we were going for more of the paint that I had originally chosen. OG takes no interest in colour or design. So it was really MY outing that he hijacked!

Yesterday I got up early while he was still asleep and was first in the shop at 0800 and home by 0900. Job done!

Good luck with spending money on furniture and carpet. Will it be traumatic for you? said...

I know Maggie, what is it that makes us so chippy on a trip out? Don't answer that, I know - it was his driving! said...

Sandi my problem was that we had already started using Dulux and had to colour match. As it had been me that suggested we go to the Crown shop thinking it was Dulux, it left me in the wrong, and that something that I don't like to be! said...

What is it about men aims? If I see someone braking I immediately ease off the peddle. OG puts his foot down and then slams on the brake just before collision and then has the timerity to shout at me for shutting my eyes and slamming my foot my non-existent brake