Sunday 19 October 2008


Where, oh where has Peter Benjamin Mandelson gone? The “prince of darkness”, former communist party member, founder of “new labour”, twice shamed, removed and about to be shamed again cabinet minister and now (God help us) Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, President of the Board of Trade and newly appointed Baron has been uncharacteristically quiet. (As an aside – not an MP but a cabinet minister? Is that constitutionally sound?)

Apart from his many personal claims to infamy he was the grandson of Herbert Morrison - a bigwig in the post war labour movement and eventually Baron Morrison of Lambeth. These socialists do love their titles don’t they?

I actually have respect for, and fear of, the man. He must be one of the most vilified politicians ever to survive and come back even stronger and I have a sneaking suspicion that he has the madness to turn this whole credit crunch/ recession/ depression (whatever) thing around and make Britain great again. I truly hope so. The alternative being that we are basically all fucked.

OG’s is feeling pretty good at the moment. His recent CT scan shows no obvious signs of cancer, and he will have another scan in 6 weeks to see if there is any change.

And finally …… some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them.


DogLover said...

Yes, I count myself lucky to be alive still.

Peter Mandelson was twice removed, but on the second occasion unfairly because he had done nothing wrong - well, nothing more than most of our leaders get up to. And, yes, it's OK for him to be a Cabinet Minister as he is now in the Lords and can be held to account there, even though not in the Commons where Ministers usually sit.

I agree that if he can sort the country's problems out, his return is a good thing.

Your post is timed at 7.49am; don't you ever sleep?

Maggie May said...

Talking of the credit crunch thingumy Let's hope we are all rescued from a fate worse than death and yes...... we are all lucky to be alive. I guess sooner than later we will all be taxed on the air we breath & cut off if we don't pay.
Glad OG 's scans are clear!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I'm completely fed up with all politicians. Can't trust any of them - and is there one who ever answers a straight question?

Glad to hear OG is doing OK - long may it continue.

A x said...

Thank you for the constitutional information doglover. Question - if "they" (the powers that be) can negotiate this ticky fellows return to grace with all the bells and whistles why can't "they" sort out this poxy mess we are in? I would have thought the credit cruch would be a doddle compared to supping with this foxy devil. said...

Yes we are lcky to be alive, and I do cherish every day Maggie, despite my rants! said...

Yes, politicians. I would make a guess that they are the most hated bunch of people at the moment Anne. said...

You scan my google reader Billy? I am honoured indeed.