Sunday 12 August 2012


There used to be a TV advert for some sort of "pick-me-up" that went something like "do you feel one degree under?" Well, the answer to that is yes! And that's crazy because I have such a lot of good stuff going on, but I just can't seem to get motivated and have feelings of tremendous lethargy. And the worst thing is that I have so much to be grateful for (and I truly am grateful).

I just came back from a wonderful 2 weeks in Spain with my daughter, granddaughter and their respective families. It was great fun.

And the Olympics have been inspirational. I have loved every minute and relish the fact that there has been a huge up swelling of patriotism (at last). We are such a great nation and it's amazing that for a small island we have achieved so much both now and in the past.

So what's wrong? Is it because I haven't anything to look forward too? I don't believe so. The business ( and, is going remarkably well despite the financial challenges that we have had to face. We have gained a reputation for being an honest, straight forward global accommodation and conference booking service making huge savings on behalf of our leisure and account managed clients. Just what is wanted in the current economic climate. And I have just enough involvement in the company to keep me excited without being overwhelmed with "task" stuff!

And my "private" life is just as exciting.  At the end of this month I am off to Dublin for another Oz-Bus reunion with my good friend Jean. We are also planning to visit the Olympic Park and Stadium before it is broken down and I have also made loose plans to meet up with my friend Sandy and a blogging friend for lunch in London sometime soon.

Mid-September my friend Monica is coming over from Switzerland for a couple of days, I plan to visit my friends Sue and Paul in Spain later in the autumn and the new house build is ready to start imminently.

Oh! and another thing. I had a golf lesson yesterday. I spent 30 minutes hitting balls, learning posture and grip. It was great fun and my coach was very complimentary. She said that I had good eye/ball coordination and assured me that it is very unusual for a novice to consistently hit every ball.

I have plenty to keep me occupied and involved so what's going on? As they say in the States - go figure!


Anonymous said...

That's easy,if you were like me you are busy doing , but not being. Having gone through a major loss.loosing your other half,partner, your lover , your friend you name it.That takes a lot of a gap to fill. You need someone for you ,someone you can share with and you know that snot about doing its about being , may be even being still. although it seems a bit of a cliche, finding you as you are now, being comfortable with that.Finding your life in a totally new way.It took me quite a while to be able to do that. To nor build my life around family, "our" friends etc. What I found was that lethargic inner feeling was grief coming to the surface , that all the activity and busy I had piled in was no longer masking that.As i said I built from there and suddenly my verve returned.Just a few thoughts from one who has been there. said...

These are things that I have considered VM. There is a great saying in AA and that is "this too shall pass". I have faith that as long as I do the right things the outcome will be good. Thank you so much for your concern and advice and I will endeavour to continue the search for my va va voom!

Anonymous said...

That my motto too :>) My returned very suddenly I just got up one day and felt like I had returned :>)

ADDY said...

Sounds to me like you are taking too much on. You need to sit still before you overtake yourself!!! said...

My problem Addy is that I have a very low boredom threshold and I think I'm probably not doing enough at the moment - just watching too much Olympics on the TV! And tonight I will be glued to the closing ceremony having missed most of the opening when I was in Spain.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have a lot on your plate. You've got a hectic schedule coming up. Hope you take a rest once in awhile. pay per click guru

Anonymous said...

I agree with your golf teacher. Anyone that can hit a golf ball on the first try has great eye/hand coordination. You're a natural.