Thursday 27 June 2013


Is it really a month since my last post? Amazing?  So much has happened.  After leaving Rome my Aussie friends, Jill & Angelo, came to my home for a while and then we went down to London for a few days.

London behaved beautifully.  It is at it's best in early summer when the parks are so beautiful and we had glorious sunshine every day.  Our hotel, The Thistle by Kingsley, was ideal.  Great price, good location right by the British Museum and within walking distance of the West End Couldn't have planned it better.  Booked, of course, through my company
My friend Jean spent one day with us and we were then joined by another friend, Sandy, the next day. We kept telling ourselves that we should do this more often.  I must say that I have been to many of the world's great cities and I think that London is the greatest by far.  Maybe I'm biased?! Nah!!

After spending 4 weeks on the ship and then nearly 2 weeks in the UK with my friends Jill & Angelo I was very sorry to see them go.  I think that we rubbed along well together. They have left a big hole in my life
but without time to turn around I said goodbye to them and flew off to France with my granddaughter, her 4 children, my grandsons Ali and Vinnie and Vinnie's girlfriend Hils.  In France we were also joined by another grandson, Frazer and his girlfriend Adeline.    We were all going to the joyous wedding of another grandson Morgan to his beautiful French bride Gwen. 
It was the most unusual and memorable wedding that I have ever been to.  The venue was the mysterious underground hall of the Grand Souterrain at Belfort Citedal.  Amazing. 

It was great to see my grandson Vinnie back from Australia again.  I think he and Hils might stay here for a while now, at least I hope so.  Not that we will probably see much of each other, but it's nice to think that they are back in this Country again.  Is that selfish of me?  Yes! 

They are living in London (that's 2 grandsons living in London, can I feel a visit coming on?!).  Vinnie is now working as a chef at The River Cafe , a Michelin starred restaurant famous for training many well know celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver. 

So ... now I am back home, with my feet firmly on very shaky ground again! The last of my visitors have been and gone (John & Julie were here last weekend - I met them on my Christmas cruise) and I don't have another commitment until September when I go to Bournemouth on another Oz Bus Reunion. 

So, as I catch my breath, I leave you with this thought. 

Good morning . . . At present I am not home, but please leave your message after you hear the beep.
beeeeeppp ....

If you are one of my children, grandchildren or greatgrandchildren please select one of the following options:
If you need me to stay with the children, press 1

If you want to borrow the car, press 2

If you want me to wash your clothes and do ironing, press 3

If you want the grandchildren/great grandchildren to sleep here tonight, press 4

If you want me to pick up the kids at school, press 5

If you want me to prepare a meal for Sunday or to have it delivered to your home, press 6

If you want to come to eat here, press 7

If you need money, press 8

If you are going to invite me to dinner or take me to the theatre, start talking ..... I'm  listening !!!!!!!!!!!"


Sueann said...

Ha...loved the ans. machine

Maggie May said...

That last bit was funny!
Maggie x

Nuts in May said...

Does it ring a bell SueAnn xx said...

Only a grandmother knows the truth of this one Maggie!

Jean Genie(us) said...

The last part - ain't that the truth