Thursday 24 July 2014


This is recent call I received. I kid you not!

"Am I speaking to Ann C.......?"
"Yes, may I ask whose calling?"
"This is Choice Catalogue, how are you?"
"How am I?"
"Yes, how are you?
"Ummm -  I'm OK - what are you calling me for?"
"Before I can tell you that I just need you to confirm your postcode so that I know I'm talking to the right person"
"But you are calling me.. why do I need to prove who I am when your the one that's calling ?"
 "Because you could be anyone.."
 "But you just called me!"
"And this is the number you have taken from my account details which you have there ?"
" O.K. so you called and asked for me by name and I confirmed that it was me ?"
" Yes that's right "
"And asked if I was OK. ?
"Yes "
"And now I have to prove who I am to you before you can go ahead and try to sell me what exactly ?"
" I'm afraid I can't discuss that with you unless I can confirm who I'm talking to.........."

You couldn't make this up if you tried.......


Eddie Bluelights said...

That is so funny!
I, like us all, receive so many of these calls.
Whenever a stranger on the phone asks me, "How are you?" I always reply, "Are you my doctor?. . . tell me, why would a perfect stranger be interested in the state of my health?"
"Oh I am only trying to be friendly!"
"Well that's nice! But I don't do any business over the phone so please go and be friendly somewhere else!"

Quite amazing they can find people to do this sort of thing all day.
Hugs ~ Eddie

Eddie Bluelights said...

When my dear Maria was here and I got a call like that I said< "We can do it the easy way and deal with me or if you are still here I shall let my wife talk to you!"
Usually it was "Sorry to have troubled you, Sir!" . . . . lol
Poor Davy throwing the phone across the room.
And another bugbear Tins and Jars which won't open unless you are superman or wonder woman . . . . . lol

Rethink Street said...

Yep this irritates me too. Not long ago, it was "hello this is so-and-so calling from your energy provider, for security purposes can you please confirm your full name, date of birth and address?" NO, I DON"T THINK SO!!!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hi Ann - I won't even speak to these callers now. As soon as I realise who is on the line I just cut the call and I'm not even sorry if it appears rude! A