Wednesday 2 May 2007


Several years ago we went to the cinema in Leicester Square with a couple of friends to see a Michael Cane film called Ashanti. Afterwards we all agree that it was a truly awful film. In fact we agreed that it was probably the worse film we had ever seen in our whole lives when up piped a little voice “Yes, I read it was a dreadful film”. We all rounded on her “for f... sake why didn’t you tell us that before we went in?” We have never let her forget this “Ashanti moment”.

This Monday I had another “Ashanti moment”. On Friday I read a review of a James Taylor concert. As we are hell bent on squandering the inheritance money we have a pretty tight schedule at the moment (Ireland last week and Stockholm this week) but we thought it would be worth sandwiching this concert in between.

I went on line and found out that his next, and last, concert was in Glasgow, tried booking tickets and after several failed attempts finally managed to acquire the last two tickets available.

We duly travelled up to Scotland on Sunday and on Monday evening shipped up at the venue. Nice venue, very excited, when old brain box pipes up “when I saw him on TV he seemed too full of himself, much too serious”. What! All this way and now you tell me that!! It this instance though it turned out to be a false “Ashanti moment” because he was actually very, very good. Another old-time rebel rouser.

I don’t like to brag, but what is it about my generation that makes us so amazing, especially the women. Yesterday I read that the divorce rate is falling across the board apart from women their 60’s, where it’s rising. Why? Contrary to popular belief it’s not because the old man has found a young blond, it’s because we are the happening generation and don’t take crap from anyone. It’s goodbye to boring old blokes who throw their weight around and hello Costa Brava - here we come with our share of house equity in our hot little hands. 60 is the new 20!

In 1957 women in their 60’s spent 6 hours 39 minutes a week cleaning house, now we spend 3 hours 40 minutes (I actually spend 0 hours). Too busy travelling, having full body massages, and discovering the pleasures of self-indulgence and pampering. Via Las Vegas!

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