Monday 21 May 2007


Friends thought my young man should be made aware of the fact that I was writing bad things about him. They were also nervously questioning me “does he know that you call him “old grumpy”? Oh how we laughed, old grumpy and me. Of course he didn’t mind. Of course he knew my fond nickname for him.

…..And then I stop calling him “old grumpy”. Why? Everyone probably assumed that I had at last seen the error of my ways and politely refrained from asking where, oh where, had Mr Grumpy gone? Had he gone to mow a meadow, hoho? I’ll let you into a little secret - he had disappeared and been replaced by this unconditionally smiley and co-operative human being.

But on Saturday, mid-afternoon, old grumpy returned. “I’m going to lay down” he snapped. “OK” trying to keep the panic out of my voice and a cheery, optimistic look on my face. In case I missed the point he growled “I’ve got a headache”. Old grumpy strikes again. “Fine” I smiled through gritted teeth, in case he had missed MY point!

Up until then we’d had had a fantastic day, the sun was shining, we were having a great laugh and had lunched on oven cooked sausages and onions in fresh baguettes followed by fresh cream apple turnovers. Simple pleasures. Life could not have been sweeter. Was it something I said? Nah, surely not!

Now the skies are dark again, nothing is pleasing and it’s raining bad moods all over the place. The sun has disappeared behind the big black cloud that is hovering, waiting for an excuse to envelop us. Even a breakfast trip this morning with his pop star friend didn’t cheer him up and reading this will certainly not help!

Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Have a good day y’ll!

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