Thursday 27 December 2007


I like to think that I am a GOOD CITIZEN. I recycle whenever possible, I take my own M&S bags when I shop at M&S, my own Sainsbury’s bags when I shop at Sainsbury’s, my own Tesco bags when I shop at Tesco etc. (I refuse to be seen with Morrison bags), I get black looks from shop assistants when I ask them not to put my one small purchase into a plastic bag, and I don’t make unnecessary car journeys preferring to multi-task my trips.

I admit that I do drive a powerful car, but my husband (thankfully) refuses to allow me to drive a car below my station! I know, this all sounds hypocritical bearing in mind the car I drive and my world travel log of the last few months, but I was fed up with being blamed by WORLD LEADERS for being the cause of global warming.

So what happens? “Hi, someone stole my recycling box, can I have another one please” “Can I have your postcode?” I comply. “Your area has been issued with green recycling bags” “I didn’t get any” “can I have your full name and address please”. Like a numpty I comply again. “thank you” “is that it? are you going to issue me with green recycling bags” “your area has already been issued with bags” “but I didn’t get any” “you can use cardboard boxes, carrier bags or white plastic bags for the recycling”. OK, I got the point, I realised that I had reached the point of diminishing returns and I’m too old to waste valuable living time arguing the toss with a bolshi telephonist.

So here we have it. The Council has decided, in it’s wisdom, and against my wishes to stop the sensible policy of issuing reusable boxes and now insists that everything is put into plastic bags (but not a black plastic bag because that is for waste only). I feel that this is a triumph for the shopkeepers who remember me haughtily refusing their wretched plastic bags. Now I am an avid plastic bag gather again.

And do you know the worst thing about this? One day my husband and I watched the bin men putting everything into the same waste vehicle. But, as I say, I don’t have enough life left to fight this sort of madness.

Recycling credibility will remain shot to pieces unless the really culprits are bought to justice. And who are the real culprits? Oil companies, toy manufacturers, bacon, cheese and other food producers that everyone hates because of the amount of hardcore packaging they make us struggle with to get to the goods, etc. Ah, but that would might interfere with marketing, profits and, god forbid, tax receipts. That is why this planet is in crisis. Greed and money, not poor Joe public. I say bollocks to the lot of them.

Do you know, before I got grumpy I was quite a nice person. Happy New Year.


DogLover said...

That's not grumpy!

And anyway, though we have global warming, it's not yet been proved to be mankind's fault, disgustingly dirty though we all are. I reckon it's just as likely that the rays coming from the sun are half a degree warmer and that's all it needs to warm the Earth up. Historically, the sun's rays have warmed and cooled over time, with all sorts of cataclysmic consequences for the Earth.

Sorry you've given up the struggle against the bureaucrats, R&C, but it's OK so long as you continue to fulminate for us in your blog!


Dusty Spider said...

I'm with you R&C and with doglover as it happens. I think the planet has changed over time and was doing it long before we arrived. How arrogant of the human race to think we have that much influence I say! said...

Oh DogLover, I adore it when you use posh words like "ruminate". said...

Sorry, "fulminate" said...

Yes, lets form a protest movement against being blamed for nothing - again! said...

Hi DustySpider. I tried leaving a comment on your site but it wouldn't "take". Here is what I want to post.

You must live in a very upmarket part of Lincolnshire. Where we live we only get mangy plastic bags. Black for waste and green for recycling. No bins.

I thought we were the only people that found the minds of the "job worths" at the refuse department unfathomable. Like you say, all the neighbours seem to have secret knowledge of collection days.

Anonymous said...

i am sick of trying to be a good little re cycling person.
It is so complicated different boxes,bags and bins.alternative weeks for bits and bobs. dont put card in the paper etc etc I have a fucking life, thats what i feel like screaming at them (sorry for the profanity).
How come the Danes do it so well with no fuss said...

Yes, Valleys Mam, the Swiss do it very well too. I get the feeling that there is no-one in charge of anything in the UK and recycling is a good example.

First we were told not to recycle glossy paper, then they changed their mind. BUT can recycle cardboard here, in fact that was one of the things the ditzy telephonist told me to use as a recycling receptical.

In Switzerland we don't recycle white plastic and I've seen on TV that it is actually not recylable (is that a real word, or did I make it up?)but our council accepts it.

To regain credability they have to nationally sing from the same hymn sheet and lead by example.

Sadistikoi said...

Sorry Doglover. i had to join this forum just to make sure you didn't go unchecked. We ARE causing global warming by releasing greengouse gases inti the atmosphere. There is NO evidense to suggest otherwise. It IS a bonefide fact. It is not 'suggested' 'rumor' or 'heresay'. Simply a scientific certainy.

You MAY debate on whther Global Warming and the concerent destruction of life on this planet is a bad thing. But I think that's pretty obvious. Peace

Sadistikoi said...

There are alternatives to recycling. Recycling is surely a good thing but in my opinion should not be a high priority in reducing damage to the planet. With all this GW people seem to have forgotten about all the good old fashioned environmental issues: acid rain; pollution of water systems; destruction of the rain forest; excessive agriculture; desertification. Sure they are all linked by Man's callousness toward his environment but these things are still getting worse.

Stop buying products that have unnecessary packaging: If you can't find alternatives write the manufacturer and angry letter demanding they stop using plastic. Write letters to companies that do use compostable plastics to increase their product range.

If there is NO demand for plastic; none will be produced. said...

But Richard, my point was that the very POWERS THAT BE who are continuatelly blaming us for polution should put their own house in order first. Demanding that our recyling should go into a plastic bag is madness.