Saturday 5 July 2008


On the front page of the Sunday Times dated 20th April 1941 it was announcement that women born in the year 1919 were required to register at a local office of the Ministry of Labour the following Saturday.

300,000 women born in 1920 had already registered the day before (19th April). It was anticipated that many of them were already employed in services open to women but those who were not would be interviewed by experience women officers in two or three weeks’ time and would be required to sign on.

So… in the middle of a war, and without the aid of technology, the Government registered, interviewed, assessed and re-deployed upward of 600,000 women within two to three weeks and yet with the advantage of a computer system that probably cost the Department of Education a King’s ransom it was announced this week that a million children expecting their Sats results on Tuesday will have to wait at least another week. The company handling the papers blamed “technological, logistical and administrative problems”. Thank goodness they are not trying to organise a war then huh?

Apart from reading newspapers, what else did I do yesterday?

1. I had a “heated discussion” with OG. It started with my statement that, in my opinion, the Government had handled the Northern Rock situation badly and it had resulted in a loss of confidence. OG started banging on about it being the banks to blame, not the Government. Some minutes, and much shouting later, this impasse resulted in me having to bang the bathroom door shut rather loudly.

2. I had arranged to take sporty, nearly to be grandson-in-law, to his driving theory test. I knew where it was because I had been there before and the Crown Paint Shop, where I needed to go, is right next door. Whilst I was there OG asked me to take his car into the Audi garage to get them to look at the window trims that were oxidising. No problemo!

Big mistake! Big problemo! The theory test centre had moved and a leisurely “don’t worry, I’ll get you there in plenty of time” saunter turned into a gut wrenching chase across town with me taking every wrong turn known to man or beast.

The Audi garage had also moved! But I did pick up the paint without any major incident. And sporty, nearly to be grandson-in-law passed his test. So far, so good.

3. The new iron that had replaced the iron that recently blew up, blew up and the cleaner couldn’t finish the ironing that had been left from when the washing machine AND dryer both blew up the last time she was in.

4. A visit to the oncologist went without incident. The chemo would resume next Thursday, provided OG’s blood levels are OK, with the dose being reduced by 25%. Hopefully this should eliminate the problem with the blood levels dropping too low.

5. Our two great-granddaughters came for a sleepover while our granddaughter and sporty finance, imminently to become sporty husband (in fact, this Friday), went out for a meal to celebrate “the passing of the test”.

6. Mid-evening we had a knock on the door. A bird was trapped in the office and couldn’t be persuaded to leave. We made an executive decision. Simple really, in fact a no brainer, couldn’t catch? then leave it there! The hope was that it wouldn’t set off the alarm in the night.

7. Just settled nicely into bed when a plaintive voice started crying “nanny, nanny”. I spent the next four hours comforting the poor little girl whilst she bought her heart up. At 0300 she finally got the hang of the routine enough to let me go to my own bed between half hourly bouts of throwing up.

8. In the middle of all this OG announced that his eye had started haemorrhaging again and his vision had gone from extremely good to almost zero. Shit. The hope is that this will clear up again. Only time will tell.

9. At 0700 her sister started throwing up too. That is when I called their mummy. At 0800 I went back to bed for a couple of hours until the wretched bird finally managed to trip the alarm at 1000! Hey ho! Another day in paradise.


Maggie May said...

Oh this is awful. That's how it goes sometimes.
I feel at times I am the only one, but of course I am not! Good & bad come to all of us in turn. But it is trying when it all happens at once, isn't it? Hope great granddaughters get over the vomiting and that neither of you two get it. Hope OG's eye clears up and full vision returns.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh .. you poor soul!

I do hope OG's eye clears up again, that must be so frightening! And poor little grand-ds stop throwing up.

Three domestic appliances blowing up? You think you need to check your wiring??

DogLover said...

Has my cleaner visited you lately, then? She has just blown up my super upright Hoover and told me to buy some second-rate Miele "Cat and Dog" cylinder vacuum cleaner.

She hasn't been the same since she married that 6'6" Scotsman!

Anonymous said...

Hecky Thump! Positive vibes sent your way for OG's eye.

CJ xx

Sandi McBride said...

I wish I knew something to make your day go better, but with OG's problems and your worrying, I'd feel awful saying cheer up...I just hope that his eyes improve, your day improves, and that the wedding went off without a hitch. Thinking of you hon, prayers, too!

aims said...

My life is sooooo boring compared to yours. Can I come over for a visit and have some excitement? How's Thursday? said...

Thanks for your good wishes Maggie. OG's eyes are starting to get better again and we didn't get the vomitting so things are on the upturn. said...

That's the puzzle Jay, the wiring has been checked and they machines are in a different circuit to the iron anyway! Very strange!! said...

You he just reminded me DogLover the vacuum cleaner in the office blew up too. When I went to get it repaired the guy asked if it was being used for industrial purposes! That's how badly our cleaners abuse our vacuums. Scandalous really. said...

The vibes are working Crystal. Thanks. said...

Sandi you are so sweet to worry about us, but truly we are fine. The wedding isn't until Friday by the way, so please keep up the praying, just in case! And keep your fingers crossed too. said...

Thursday's fine aims if you don't mind keeping OG company while he has his chemo.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Your days and nights are one long round of excitement, I can see. Do hope you are bearing up and not catching the bug. M xx