Monday 25 August 2008


We went to a classy wedding this weekend involving a stay over at a swish hotel. Unfortunately OG had chemo on Thursday and was feeling so ropey that all he saw of the hotel was the inside of the bedroom. When we got home I asked if he would like me to get him a McDonald meal so that he could get one of the free “to die for” Coca Cola glasses. I thought it might lift his spirits. It doesn’t take a lot to please us!

So off I trot to our local McD

“A double cheeseburger meal with diet coke please”

“We don’t do a cheeseburger meal, but if you order a cheeseburger with fries it’s cheaper anyway”

I couldn’t quite get my head around how a cheeseburger with fries was cheaper than a cheeseburger meal that they didn’t do, but I went along with that one without comment!

“OK, but do I get a glass with that?”

“No we’ve run out of glasses, and anyway they only come with the large meals”

“But I only came for the glass”

“Sorry, we’ve run out”

“So your advert is wrong, I can’t get a glass with a large meal”

“No, we’ve run out”

By this time a queue was forming behind me, people were getting restless.

“But that’s dishonest, I should get a glass as advertised”

“Sorry, we’ve run out, we tried other restaurants but they don’t have any either. We may have some tomorrow though”

“But surely your manager should arrange for anyone that qualifies to come back and pick up the glass tomorrow”


“Yes what?”

“He should have, I sorry”

If the girl had been cheeky or rude I could have got mad, but she was so sweet and there was a crowd gathering so I dropped the subject and ordered a double cheeseburger with fries. I must be getting soft in my old age.

Despite DogLover’s scepticism I attest to the fact that this is a true account, as is everything that I write (well almost everything)

And finally… will buy a fine dog but only kindness will make him wag his tail.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

RAC - we had a similar experience at a 'Little Chef' a few years ago - it's mad isn't it.

Sorry to hear about OG - hope he is beginning to feel better and hope you managed to enjoy the wedding.

A x

DogLover said...

Should I have my tail between my legs after your comment, R&C?

I'd have a bet with you (if the credit crunch hadn't rendered me almost penniless) that the Coke advertisement had some small print saying the offer only applied while stocks of glasses lasted! said...

Thanks for your best wishes Anne. OG is feeling a bit better, but as time progresses the chemo seems to take more out of him. He is scheduled for another session this Thursday but I suspect he will need another blood transfusion before hand.

The wedding was marvellous, but blighted by his feeling so grim.
We should really have come home again but he insisted we stay so that it didn't spoil my enjoyment. said...

Unbelievably the the McDonald/Coke advert does not seem to have a disclaimer DogLover. Should I sue them?

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

How very frustrating for you - especially since you were on a goodwill mission! Better luck next time. M :-) said...

One good thing came out of writing this blog. Sport son-in-laws brother read it and managed to get OG another glass. He has two now. He offered our two nephews money to go get him more!