Wednesday 20 August 2008


I was having a rant in the car on the way to town. OG was sitting beside me very, very silent.

“Sorry, I'm going on a bit aren’t I but I had to get it off of my chest”

“When did you last blog?

“Oh, about a week ago I should think”

“Well for fuck sake get it out of your system on-line, not in this car”

“Fair enough, I’ll take it that you want me to shut up then?”

“You’re damn right I do”

"Well fuck you too"

I think that he would do well to remember that I am betrothed to Francesco!

And finally German beer cans, when finished with, are compressed and made into park benches.

They aren't use as such in Germany, since they are below the standard required by German law.

So the benches are exported to Russia. They go to Irkutsk in Siberia where they are used in public parks and streets.

However the weather is always too cold in Irkutsk for anyone to want to sit out in the open.

Just thought you should know. Roll on global warming, I say.


aims said...

We recycle here constantly and have been doing so for years. You can't find an empty pop bottle beside the road because it's worth $.05 and a beer can = $.10.

Some people claim 'their stretch' of the highway.

Last time I took in my bottles to be made into whatever - I netted $120.00 - Mind you I had been collecting them for about 7 months. Just The Man's and whatever is left at my brother's place after people go rafting. Amazing isn't it?

We have recycle bins for everything - tin - newspaper - cardboard - glass - plastic bags - plastic name it...even computers and tvs. We are working on it here. Thank goodness someone saw the light and started to make the effort. Who wants to be living under a mound of garbage?

Sandi McBride said...

You and OG do go on don't you? You make me laugh out loud!!!
Sandi said...

Now aims, I can feel a who new rant coming on. We used to get refunds on empty pop bottles years ago. It's such a simple idea isn't it? But hey, $120 is a lot of pop bottles isn't it? said...

Well you know what they say Sandi. Love is being able to survive a good swearing match.

Maggie May said...

Oh men! They are all the same!
Thank Goodness for blogging, that's what I say.
The can seats story is incredible.

DogLover said...

I love that German can story! Just imagine sitting on one of those park benches and getting frozen to it!

I know someone who knows you, R&C, and they say they have never heard you swear. So I reckon you make up all these funny stories for us.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hi RAC - I love a good rant myself - sounds familiar. Feel OG should be mindful of his rival though.

The thought of beer can benches brings tears to the eyes - not sure if it is laughter or pain.

A xx

Anonymous said...

Beer can benches? We have a can bridge here! It's a footbridge, but even so ... I hope it's strong enough. I haven't had cause to walk over it yet!

Your post made me laugh - thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I eat rubbish meself... and park benches! said...

I like the beer can story too Maggie and I reluctantly have to admit that it was originally told to me by DogLover. said...

Aw shucks DogLover, you're on to me. said...

Anne I do have to keep reminding OG that I am now betrothed to Frankie and if he wants to keep me he needs to up his game. said...

Whoever thought of making park benches or a bridge out of beer cans? Weird!