Sunday 16 November 2008


I was going to get myself organised this morning. OG has painted the six sets of IKEA drawers for our new “Hollywood bedroom” dressing room. They are too narrow for sweaters and I had been wondering what to put in them when it suddenly came to me. We have “acquired” various sets of gloves, scarves, neckties, etc over the years and I thought I would put my “small stuff” in the drawers on the left and OGs (where should apostrophe go?) “small stuff” in the drawers on the right. I know, I should get out more shouldn’t I?

While I was contemplating (procrastinating?) this enormous issue I went blogging and found that has challenged me to divulge 7 things I plan to do before I die, 7 things I do now, 7 things I can’t do, 7 things that attract me to the opposite sex, 7 things I say most often and 7 celebrities I admire. Mmmm?

So, while I was contemplating (procrastinating?) this second enormous issue I went blogging again and found that had also challenged me to fess up 6 “interesting” things about myself.

I know that its Sunday so is God telling me something? Does God only speak on Sunday? These are more enormous issues to contemplate aren’t they? Maybe…. No Ann, concentrate in the task in hand.

7 things I plan to do before I die

1. Love OG (aka Old Grumpy) to bits and tell him
2. Be kind and loving to my family, friends and colleagues
3. Live a full and interesting life until I’m 100+
4. Lead a more “spiritual” life
5. Learn from life (so far I don’t seem to have had much success with that one!)
6. Stop obsessing about small drawers and what to put in them
7. Stop being such an “expert” at things I know nothing about (like politics)
Now that one is the hardest!

7 things I do now

1. Love OG to bits and DON’T tell him
2. Procrastinate when something bores me
3. Jump to conclusions and don’t listen to others
4. Cook Sunday Lunch for any of the family that will put up with me
5. Drive like a man
6. Work like a dog
7. Cry like a woman

7 things I can’t do

1. Watch my family suffer emotionally, financially or any other way without wanting to “rescue” them (this gets me into BIG trouble – I’m told they need to make their own mistakes to learn – I say that’s total bullshit)
2. Pass by a baby without wanting to cuddle it
3. Admit I’m wrong
4. Sing
5. Dance
6. Sew
7. Decorate

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. Strong, hairy hands and forearms
2. Charisma
3. Charm
4. Smiley, wrinkly eyes
5. Good body
6. Good mind
7. Good cook!

7 things I say most often

1. How many sales are on the board today?
2. It’s not in the bag until it’s in the bag
3. The “f” word
4. I’m tired
5. “Wow”
6. Love it!
7. Are you free for lunch on Saturday?

7 celebrities I admire

1. Michael Caine (not a lot of people know that!)
2. Churchill (a strange and gifted man and the only person to have a whole section to himself in the Nobel Museum in Stockholm)
3. Maggie Thatcher (ditto woman)
4. Princess Diana (flawed and vulnerable – a fascinating combination and a nightmare to live with.)
5. JFK (power personified)
6. David Beckham (he is massively rich and could do anything he wants, but still jumps through hoops to improve himself – my kind of guy!)
7. George Clooney (because he’s so gorgeous)

Now the most difficult part is to pass this on so I’ve decided to KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and pass on to 7 bloggers named in posts of the day which, incidentally, all make very good reading.

So I ask the following to name the “7 things” questions:

Now to the 6 “interesting” thing about myself:

1. My grandsons’ (where does the apostrophe go?) friends call me “castle bitch” because I live in a big house and (presumably) I’m a bitch
2. My parents were affluent and I was privately educated
3. I spent the middle part of my life piss poor
4. I am now affluent again (hurray! I prefer it this way)
5. I am a tomboy
6. Inside I’m a perfectly formed 19 year old cowgirl (I know, I keep saying that, but you never know – one day? Who knows!)

And the 6 “interesting” things question I pass on to

ENJOY! Now, if you don't mind, I had better get on with cooking lunch!

And finally ...... Word has crashed and I can't get to my "And finally..." list. Sad.


david mcmahon said...

We're free on Saturday - can we come over?

DogLover said...

Phew! That all makes a good read on an idle Sunday!

But that business of filling the drawers is going to take some solving.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

RAC - that was a great post - had me laughing all the way. Hope lunch turns out OK.

A x said...

Yes David, come on over. Then you can take a photograph of my Hollywood bedroom and Matthew Flinders.

I did try to snap MF as promised. It was on a dreary drizzly day last week. He had a drop on his nose and I thought "how appropriate, that's obviously why he went off and discovered Australia".

But sad to say the photograph was my normal crap stuff and I thought "if only David was here, he would take an amazing photo".

lime said...

lol, making your acquaintance when you tag me. aren't you a hoot! so glad you only tagged me with that 7s list thing because i have done the random/weird/surprising facts about me thing about a dozen times.

alrighty then, sometime next week this should be up. thanks for the shoutout.:) said...

Thanks doglover. But you obviously did not pay attention. I have solved the problem of what to put in the drawers. All I have to do now is do it. said...

Lunch is bubbling along quite nicely at the moment Anne, must go and put the Yorkshire pud in the oven now. said...

Thanks Lime, look forward to reading it. Nice to make you acquaintance too.

Epijunky said...

Yay :) I love these things! I'll put one up this afternoon :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, got a favour to ask! It was only last week when I did the 7 things meme. Could I therefore be a six interesting things about me meme person??!

CJ xx said...

I look forward to reading it epijunky said...

Sorry CJ I missed your 7 things last week and you certainly can do the 6 interesting things instead. I'm just going to read you 7 things now.

aims said...

Hooray - I found another woman who might say the 'f' word as much as I do.

I picked it up working in the bar for 10 years and it's a habit I've tried to get rid of - but can't.

I have to say - it works a treat on nearly everthing tho!

Unknown said...

I love the name of your blog! Here I thought that was my parents. :)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Those were really good, Ann. And impressively fast - plus they were much more "thought out", I felt, than mine! Ah well, we're all different, I guess. You really made me laugh too. Thanks, M :-)PS. Ooh yorkshire pudding, can I come too?

Unknown said...

hmm, this should be interesting...

Dancin Fool said...

Hello! Thanks for the visit and the tag. I really enjoyed your blog and your answers to both of the tags in this post, what an interesting soul you are!

Anyway my 6 facts will be up shortly. Bye for now!

Epijunky said...

I played :)

And I'll be over on Saturday. :) Or was it Sunday... said...

I picked up my "f" word habit from OG aims. He was/is? a builder. Nuff said! said...

Thanks lisaschaos, I love the name of your blog too. And, by the way, welcome said...

Sorry M, you should have said earlier, all the puds are in my tummy now. said...

No Sandi, I said am a 19 year old perfectly formed cowgirl inside. I said nothing about wanting to ride a horse. But I'm game for most things so I'll be calling on you soon but it won't be this Saturday because David and eipijunk are calling by. said...

I loved your answers Sarah and thanks for the visit. said...

Thanks for your answers dancin' fool, you are a sport. Thanks for visit. said...

Lunch is Sunday epijunk, but come over Saturday and stay the night.