Wednesday 22 July 2009


How to turn this:

Into this:

Step 1: Marry a builder
Step 2: Prepare to throw a shed load of money at it
Step 3: Endure two years of merciless banging, hammering, grinding, swearing and falling out, add piles of rubble, dust and a trashed garden and there you have it. Hey presto!

This room has been particularly troublesome because the new limestone floor was mis-laid. And by mis-laid I don't mean lost! When I decided to have a limestone floor our smart ass interior designer son-in-law reminded me of the problems we had had once before when a floor had to be completely re-laid. "Oh no" said I "I know the pitfalls now, that won't happen again". Well it did.

Our son-in-law recommended that this time we use an experienced limestone tiler. When he priced the job up we swallowed hard and immediately our plaster said "I can do that at half the cost" we bit his hand off. Now you would think that OG, being an experienced builder, and me, being an experienced wife of a builder, would be cautious. But we liked the guy, he is a good plasterer and he promised us a good job. So... we took him at his word. The work was crap. When OG complained it was obvious that we were in for a fight and given the fact that we were unsure of his ability to repair his shoddy work we decided to write it off to experience (again). So...four weeks later it has finally been put right at great expense (to us, naturally).

I believe that we may now be on the home straight. Once this room is finished OG only has to complete two ensuite bedrooms and we are finished. Then on to the landscaping and indoor swimming pool complex.....

And finally ... After 70 if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead.


Maggie May said...

I know the feeling, being a builder's wife!
I don't have rats in the kitchen roof anymore but I do have slight leaks along the top of the roof inside.
I also am awaiting for the plastering of the ceiling, the painting of the walls and that is before any alteration to the units & cooker.
What is it....... 4 months of turmoil now? But I don't have rats! Phew!

I believe thats right....... if you don't have aches & pains at 70 then you are dead indeed!

aims said...

Are the pics in the right order?

Did you get rid of the fireplace and (patio) doors?

Jay said...

I want to know too! Did you seal up the patio doors? Enquiring minds want to know!

I know to my cost how much it will cost you (in time, emotional wear and tear AND money) to hire a friend of a friend or someone who says 'I can do that cheaper'.

Sorry you had to endure it, but it looks as if the floor turned out well in the end!

Wayne Ashford said...

It's no better being the partner of a mechanic, ask Rachel!

All their cars have some sort of problem but they tend to leave it for another day whereas most people would just take the car to the garage - mechanics dont do that, we just nurse them convincing ourselves we'll get round to it one day.

Looking good Ann, hope you and OG are well. said...

Four months of turmoil Maggie, that's not long! Try two years. said...

Yes, aims the pictures are in the right order. What happened was that OG put in the original fireplace and french doors, but always regretted it because the fireplace was on the south side and the french doors overlooked out office. So now we have new patio doors in the east wall, the new window on the south wall overlooking the garden and the fire on the west wall. Does that explain it? I actually liked the room as it was, but OG was right, now it looks stunning and bright. said...

Jay, I know what you mean, but you would think that we would be more experienced than to get taken in again. What is they say? No fool like an old fool? said...

Yes that Wayne, we are well. And you?