Wednesday 23 June 2010


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My nanny says the funniest things. Today she said that she thought that England could win The World Cup. I said to myself "not a chance, they play like nincumpoops". I love that word. In fact I think I may make it the first word I say. My brother Noah is 17 months old and he doesn't say anything yet. But he's a good pointer and manages to get his "point" across, if you see what I mean.

Today I heard the grown ups say that the next England match is on Sunday. We play Germany. That's a laugh, although apparently I have heard say that we have actually won against Germany in the past. I think that we won the First and Second World Wars, but that was in the days when men were men and our footballers weren't wooses.

Now you wait until my brother and I play for England, we will show them a thing or two. My brother has hands like dinner plates and thighs like tree trunks and my nanny says he will be a goalkeeper. I, however, am more refined and I may be a Prince or something instead of a footballer. I haven't quite made my mind up yet, but I have plenty of time to decide.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Be a tennis player you beautiful boy, now they are real athletes.

Great post and I love the delightful photo too. A x said...

Thanks for suggesting that I should be a tennis player Anne, all suggestions greatly appreciated, but my daddy was a professional footballer so I think that he will try to "point" me in that direction.