Thursday 17 June 2010


I just realised how long it has been since we arrived home. One week to be exact. I sometimes find it much more difficult to write when I'm at home because there are so many distractions.

So, what's happened this week? Well the tossers at the insurance company have decreed that I can't claim for my stolen items because they were "left unattended". My question is, aren't goods always stolen when they are unattended? If they were attended do they seriously think you would allow them to be stolen? Or is it me? Being the stroppy person that I am, I disputed this decision and asked them to listen back to the call recording and tell me exactly how they had come to that conclusion. I am now being punted around the system with them promising to listen to the call recording and apologising for not having done so yet!

I was luckier with my BlackBerry because it was on contract and due an upgrade anyway. The new 'phone came the next day, the sim card didn't. Now I am another vortex of them saying it's "in the post" and me not receiving it, then it's "in the post" again and around and around we go on that particular merry-go-around.

Do you know, I'm heartily tired of fighting the system all the time. I still have an on-going dispute about speeding fines. It's a long story, but the abridged version is that when Davy was in Addenbrookes Hospital last November I was caught 3 times that week on the same camera. I was so surprised that this was a 30 mile an hour zone and raised a query regarding the validity of this limit, requesting to see the Traffic Regulation Order. As this was not produced I requested this information under the Freedom of Information Act. It was still not produced and when we researched it we found this has been a contentious issue for the last 40+ years.

My original need to fight these speeding fines was that I was in danger of losing my licence and I desperately needed it to ferry Davy about to his various hospital/clinic appointments. After Davy died the need was not so great, but by that time I had got mad with the whole damn thing. We are having one last stab at resolving this, then I give in and, believe me, that will really make my flesh crawl! Isn't what a wonderful phrase?

Apart from that, and the sickness bug we all went down with, things are fine!


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

We are living in frustrating times aren't we Ann. Jobsworths and bureaucracy are taking over. As well as the push button answerphones, which drive me crazy. My mother (88) refuses to make calls saying she gets confused so I get to do hers as well and I get confused for both of us!

Do hope you are feeling better and over your sickness bug. A x

Maggie May said...

I am surprised by the stupid excuse not to pay up that the Insurance company came up with. Anything to wriggle out of responsibility.
I suppose I am surprised that I should be surprised because it is the norm today. I don't know why we bother with the premiums.

Hope the sicky bug is gone by now.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

DogLover said...

Dear Weary Woman - don't give in! I suspect your Latin is pretty lousy, but you know how to put a letter of complaint together. Fight on! The website you need for your complaint to the Insurance Ombudsman about your stolen items is

For your speeding charges, just contact "Mr Loophole" (he got off the golfer Colin Montgomerie who had been speeding - once again - on a ridiculous technicality). You'll be broke afterwards, but you'll be innocent!

aims said...

Don't give up your fights Ann. We need to keep at them so that they don't just expect to bowl us over with there stupid rules and ideas.

I too am a fighter. I refuse to go under.

We shall overcome!! said...

Yes thanks Anne, quite well again now. said...

I have actually received a claim form this morning Maggie, so I guess that's progress. said...

As you say DogLover I can put together a great letter of complaint, but may make the odd spelling mistake! said...

We shall overcome aims? Now where have I heard that before/!