Wednesday 23 June 2010


They are in a good frame of mind today. What with the sun and the good news that at last the debt crisis is being dealt with. They told me that they feel quite relieved and hope that the future will be financially secure for them now that our new Chancellor, that nice Mr. Osborne, has laid out his plans to get us back on track again.

However, they do have one small concern regarding Mr Osborne. They wonder why he was on that Baron Rothschild yacht a few years back with the scary Baron Mandelson our ex First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, President of the Board of Trade, and Lord President of the Council aka dracular.

Their worry is that young Osborne and the mad Mandelson are political poles apart so what was the attraction of being in the company of the man whose ancestors made their billions by creating financial and political mayhem inciting wars so that they could lend money to the countries in financial difficulties? I told them not to worry about that, the world is due to end in 2012 so just enjoy!

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Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Good to see them relaxed and enjoying the sun without a care in the world. A x said...

But where has the sun gone now Anne? It's got it's hat on again!