Sunday 16 January 2011


We received our pre-departure information by email on Friday which I printed out and then carefully saved to my Outlook "OzBus" folder. I went to check something out this morning and couldn't find it in my folder list. Help! Then I remembered that I had been using my netbook at the time and when I checked there it was - on the mini computer. How does that work? I thought Outlook information stayed the same whatever computer I was on. No doubt someone in the office will take delight in patiently explaining my dumb ignorance! Anyway, I emailed it to myself, so now I have it saved in two places. Are computers are a blessing or a CURSE?

Sorry, I digress. The Oz-Bus team also set up a facebook group for us get to know each other before the trip and immediately the lines were buzzing. There are 15 fellow travellers and I have had contact with 7 of them, 3 of whom are ladies of a similar (although younger) age. I have asked if it's OK to record their names, ages and a few personal details in this blog, so I'm waiting word back on that.

One lady, Pat, read my dilema with the luggage and being a seasoned Oz-Bus traveller was able to offer this advice.

Hi Ann, I saw you were unsure of which bag to bring!

Well I have attached a photo of my Swiss Army backpack on wheels. I got it in Sydney. Its about 22" in height and has a detachable day bag. I left the day bag attached and used another one on my back. I NEVER put the big one on my back! Way too heavy! It can be a little difficult on rough terrain - just make sure you get the best you can afford so the wheels will last. Mine cost about 200 euro but was well worth it!

We can vow to help each other up and down stairs - as this I found the hardest part!

Now there's a gal after my own heart! She reinforced my original thinking, which was to buy wheelable luggage. So, I think the little pink rucksack number is going to be returned to sender. Unfortunately the rucksack Pat recommends doesn't appear to be on sale in the UK and I can't find anything similar, so I've contacted the makers for their advice on how to buy it direct.


Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Well, I hope you find it! Nothing like a personal recommendation from someone who's been there and done that!

Don't forget that coffee! ;)

DogLover said...

Good luck with your search for that bag!

I calculate 4700 cubic inches to be 77 litres, but I don't guarantee my maths (liters and math for your readers in the US).

Time is rolling on, isn't it!

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Just found your blog. The old saying is this, pack light, again pack light. There is nothing worse that your bag becoming a burden which happens quickly during travels. Rick Steves has a bag that he uses which is a type of carry all, no wheels on this one. Will continue to follow. I guess the best thing to carry on any travels is a good attitude especially when things do not go as planned.

Maggie May said...

I think that it might be a strain on your back. I like the wheels idea. A set of spare wheels might be a good idea. IF you can track down the wheeled luggage that is.
Maggie X

A Swiss Army Knife with all the gadgets might be a good idea. Unless the PC brigade would call that dangerous or forbidden.

Nuts in May

Lin said...

We were 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I try (and often fail) to apply this to what I pack. Take out your favorites, lay them on the bed and then take half of what you intended to pack. It's never not been enough.

Lin said...

And, um, that should read We WEAR, not we day I shall learn to proof before hitting send. said...

I haven't forgotten the coffee Jay. What about this Thursday 1130 at Bookmark?

Jay said...

Aaaah ... I didn't see this in time! I'm so sorry - but in fact I was kind of busy on the 20th.

How about this Thursday? Email me to make sure I see it!

RNSANE said...

It looks like you've made some good contacts for your trip and you and Pat have already worked schlepping your bags up and down stairs!! Wonderful. I am so excited for you, Ann. I wish I were going on a trip. It is so hard for me to believe I haven't cruised in a year. In a couple of weeks, it will be a whole year since I went to Georgia and found my mother in such terrible shape,having had a stroke and in congestive heart failure. I was to stay a month with her then, never expecting her to be in that kind of condition. My brother and I got her into extended care near him in Atlanta, I emptied out her apartment and I haven't been able to afford to go back to see her. She doesn't really know either Charley or me, sadly, so I guess it isn't terrible - except that I feel terrible.