Saturday 13 August 2011


Name: Ann Cordner
Title: EasyJet Query
Date: 26/07/2011
Our Reference: 110726-001018
Booking Reference: EHPNQXZ

12th August 2011

Dear Mrs Cordner,

Thank you for your correspondence.

I would like to advise you that your case has been passed to me so we may achieve a resolution in this matter.

Firstly let me address each of the questions to which you feel you have not been given a satisfactory answer thus far. We do not have an ongoing problem at Luton airport in regards to passengers missing check in. The situation you experienced at security was due to a refit in the security check area. It was for this reason you where asked to join a second security queue. I have been given confirmation from the airport that the lane you where moved to, lane 10, should not have taken any longer to process passengers than any other lane. They have measures in place to ensure passengers are processed as quickly as possible and the lane is monitored closely.

As previously stated by my colleague, the information we have been provided with by the airport state that the boarding gate was not closed at 06:50. The last passenger who boarded did so at 06:56. Therefore the gate could not have been closed at 06:50 as you have stated.

I understand that you where travelling with an infant and small children and that this situation was inconvenient to say the least. I would kindly like to point out that the this was not overlooked by the airport staff. The reason they where unable to make an exception in your case was due to the fact that the passengers on your flight where bussed to the plane as it was too far to walk. When you arrived at the boarding gate the bus had already left. If the staff at the airport had allowed you to board the flight the bus would have had to return for you and the other passengers in your booking. This would have potentially caused a delay in you flight and may have had a knock on affect on other flights that day. easyJet strive to have as little disruption as possible for our passengers and for this reason we were unable to allow you to board the flight. We would not refuse passengers if it is not necessary.

With regards to the comment you have made about Amanda Nunan, I can only say that this issue has already been addressed by Mary and it is unfortunate you chose to disagree with the information provided.

In relation to your request for the details of the phone call I again must reiterate what was stated in previous emails. easyJet do no have access to any phone calls made at the airport and I am therefore unable to provide you with the requested information.

I would like to advise you that we have taken your complaint very seriously every step of the way. Our customers satisfaction is our number one priority.

Again I would like to advise you that if you would like to pursue this complaint further you should do so with the airport itself as the issues you have raised are out of the control of easyJet and should be addressed with the airport.

I am sorry I am unable to help you further. If you would like to contact the airport in relation to this complaint pleas contact them at:

London Luton Airport
Navigation House
Airport Way
Luton, Bedfordshire

Yours sincerely

Carrie-Louise Hughes
Customer Service Supervisor


We are just going around in circles with this one. In dispute is our gate arrival time with me saying we arrived a 06.50 which I admit I cannot prove and you saying, without proof of your statement, that the gate closed at 06.56. I can only say that when we were held up at the gate we instinctively looked at our watches and this is how I am sure of the time. Also, the information board in the corridor still had a “last call” status.

To say that you don’t have access to the call recording of the conversation between your gate agent and the dispatcher that was taking place as we stood at the gate is utter nonsense. YOU may not have access, but SOMEONE does. I repeat, it is my believe that this recording would shed light on what really happened at that gate that morning. It is interesting that I am pushing for this and you are resisting. I wonder why?

Your comment that the bus had been dispatched to avoid delaying the flight is utter nonsense. That bus had not been dispatched when we stood there listening to the gate agent talking to the dispatcher on the ‘phone.

Tell me this, apart from the dispute regarding our gate arrival time, didn’t the gate agent, dispatcher and flight crew wonder why 19 people including 2 infants and several children were “late” at the gate? Any fool can work out that the correct course of action would have been to hold the bus until the 19 passengers had managed to battle their way to the gate albeit that you say we were late and I say we were not.

Referring to your insistence that I take up my complaint with the airport, don’t you think that it would have been easier for me to blame them and claim reimbursement? The answer is simple. I have told the truth, there were problems at the airport that morning, but we arrived at the gate in time and so did 19 other people.

Regarding Amanda Nunan, I can only say that she was cold, officious and completely unmoved at the sight of crying children. She did not offer us any assistance whatsoever. And let’s not forget that the Amanda Nunan had also been involved in 9 people being denied boarding on the Dortmund flight that morning. Come on now, ask yourself the questions.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Cordner


Dear Ms McCall,

I am attaching correspondence regarding this incident which is self explanatory. I would value your comments before I refer this incident to Air Passenger Rights on EU Complaint Form,,, (my local MP).

Yours sincerely,


Mimi said...

hard though it is, you keep on fighting!
and Carrie-Louise Hughes
Customer Service Supervisor also needs a grammar lesson to learn to use "WERE" , not "where". I feel like taking my red pen to her letter! Go Anne!

Glenda said...

I'm with Mimi - I found eleven spelling or grammatical errors in her letter. And oh how rude she is! Keep pushing - it's the principle of the thing! said...

I saw that too Mimi and Glenda. I meant to draw attention to it in my email, but I got so fired up that I forgot! Drat!!