Friday 30 December 2011


I'm talking about weight loss; diet; healthy eating; whatever! I got up this morning determined to start afresh. Having lost about 16 lbs on my world trip I then put it all back on again, + some.  Don't you just hate that? 

So,,, this morning, determined to start afresh I weighed myself (don't ask), planned my menu for the day and was just about to sit down to enter it into to keep me on the straight and narrow when the devil looked over my shoulder and said "before you start why don't you make yourself a nice cup of coffee? You deserve it".

This was my first mistake, I should have stuck my ass to the chair and finished what I was doing instead of wandering around the house in a perplexed daze trying to figure out what I was doing wandering around the house!  I remembered when I avoided my first temptation, the 3 ginger biscuits on my bedside table left over from yesterdays excesses.  These were deposited back into their rightful home in the biscuit jar.

That is when I should have made my coffee and gone back to the job in hand.  But no, I then bumped into my second temptation, the beckoning Milk Tray chocolates and After Eight Mints on my coffee table.  I didn't give into that though, I put them into a container to take over to the office for the gang.  I felt good about myself.

But... my third temptation was a step too far.  The Christmas Cake.  Should I give it to someone?  Nah!  I'll have a bit with my coffee and start all over again on 1st January.  Sorted!!

This is a photograph of some of our little "Infoteliens" at the ritual office family buffet lunch and raffle prior to closing for Christmas.  They are a right bunch of little suspects aren't they?


Sueann said...

This post cracked me up!! I have had many of those wandering days myself.
Good luck on your New Years' resolutions.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Hahaha! I suspect your activities will be repeated in thousands of homes by thousands of people over the next few days!

I have pieces of Tunis cake and a Yule log to finish, plus about six chocolates. Oh, and three quarters of a pack of biscuits. Then it's the straight and narrow for me!

I'm sure I'll get through them by the 1st. Especially as I'm comfort eating for my (suspected) flu right now.

Good luck with your programme. We should meet up over a cup of (sugarless, cake and biscuit-free coffee) to discuss our strategies!

Mimi said...

If it's any consolation, even thinking about a diet makes me eat more junk!
You'll get off to a good start on Jan 1, having gotten the "giving in" out of the way.

ADDY said...

I've put on four pounds over Christmas (I knew I would with all the choccies and cake and gingerbread, but I wasn't going to go sparingly on those!) So I'm going to have to shift that extra weight off, but I am telling myself I'll start once Kay is back up north and my mother deposited home again (around 8 Jan). Until then, I'm going to carry on gorging!

Maggie May said...

Wait until the cake is finished & then try........ like me......very halfheartedly! We have to have a few pleasures!

Love the photo!
Happy New Year.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

RNSANE said...

Before I came to India, I lost fifteen pounds and I am determined
( in spite of my lovely Mumbai hostess ) not to gain weight while I'm here ). I don't know if that's possible but I know my youngest son, Jeremy, will be waiting at SFO with a scale.

The best of New Year's, Ann.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Oh yes, Ann, the pounds have piled on over the Christmas holiday and I haven't even started on the cake yet! Get into the new year and once the temptations are out of sight your will power will strengthen I'm sure! Good luck! A x

Anonymous said...

ooooh, those temptations come all too easy don't they?! I gave up on weight loss in the new year, many years ago. Joined a gym last year and haven't been for ages, but am determined to start swimming again next week.

Once I've finished that tin of Roses!

All the best for 2012.
CJ x