Thursday 8 December 2011


Following my ,"the worst CV in the world" blog I received a severe admonishment (HELP Benedict, is this a real word?) from the writer Benedict Le Gauche because I failed to mention where I happened across this gem. I added a PS to my blog to lead you, dear followers, through the process I took and asked Benedict if he was now content.  I also sought his advice on how to spell the word discombuberated. He emailed back:

Ann I am not content.  You got the CV from my site, not from the Metro's site, which doesn't have it but has a link to it.  Mother tells me I shouldn't indulge these frissons of propriety and yet here I am 01:25 in the morning asking you to please link it to the original because I spent a time writing it and it connects to whole lot of other stuff that I wrote and it's not really much to ask that you link to the original site from which you cut and pasted it. 

You f****** spell discombobulated like this DISCOMBOBULATED. 

Yours with a frank-uncalled-for amount of snoot.


Calm down dear.  You have to remember that you are communicating with a frail and, quite honestly, crazy 71.33 year old widow woman.  Please forgive me.  Oh! and by the way, in response to your request, here's the link to your site,  I admit that I was entirely in the wrong and hope that you aren't still discombobulated darling.

Having to print this makes me empathise with the editor of the Daily Mail when he compiles a list of apologies and retractions at the end of each day.  Is this power or what?  Oh sh*t, am I now in trouble with the Daily Mail too?!  Lock me up!!


Sueann said...

Oh dear...guess you have been told, huh? Rather vehemently too I might add!! So now all is right with the world!! Ha!!
Have a better week!!
SueAnn said...

I must say SueAnn that he is correct in what he says, although his presentation is a tad assertive! I would have preferred it if his tone had been a little more reverential.

I'm having a great week! This had made me really laugh. xxx

DogLover said...

Dear Madam

Will you please submit your postal address to my firm as we have been instructed by the Daily Mail to serve their usual writ for plagiarism on you.

Sue, Grabbit & Run, solicitors.

DogLover said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Dear Sue, Grabbit & Run, may I respectfully suggest that your client use their usual firm of Private Dicks to gather this information. I can assure you that any writ issued will join the pile.

PS As the pile is getting rather large can you advise me if I would be eligible for legal aid and if so will you represent me?

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

How very rude Benedict Le Gauche is!

Don't get me wrong - I get annoyed with people who don't give link-backs and/or who steal pictures without giving credit, but good grief - there's no need for such vitriol! If ever I feel the need to tick people off (rare!) I do so politely. Let's face it, if you don't dispense politeness and courtesy, who are you to demand it? ;)

Love your response though. Tee hee. If you've been put in your place, so has he.

Oh, and by the way M Le Gauche; it should be 'a frankly uncalled for amount of snoot'.