Friday 15 June 2012


The first sight that greeted me when I arrived home from my 4 month trip to Australia, the Polynesian Islands and American was the glorious sight of my front garden in full bloom. 

There is nothing quite like England in early summer. 

The next sight was this "welcome home" banner in my office made by 2 of my grandsons Harvey and Taylor and my 2  great granddaughters Elise and Orianne under the tutelage of my daughter Kimberley.  What a great homecoming.

Then on Tuesday I was treated to a formal"English Tea Party" with bone china cups and saucers and scones provided by Stuart in IT, dainty sandwiches provided by  Georgina and made by Jackie in accounts and Rosie in reservations and cupcakes made by Kimberley.  A grand co-operative event.  


And yesterday we had a visit from the Sundial Group who bought their "Summer of Love" London bus to present to us and treat us to a delicious BBQ lunch.  They did the same last year but I missed it because I didn't get back from my trip until July.


And while we had some of the crew off the 'phones (which doesn't happen very often) we took a pic at our  office entrance.

I live and work in a beautiful rural environment, although this does present problems in inasmuch as  we have many illegal immigrants and druggies in the area and despite beefing up security since Davy died they still seem to see the office and my house as a target for petty pilfering.  Only yesterday one of the sales people saw a "thin lad" disappearing around the back of the office when she arrived at 8.00 am.  She thought it might have been one of the grandchildren.  It wasn't. 

Those who follow this blog will have gathered by now that I have been on a 4 months trip to Australia, the Polynesian Island and America which I documented in my travel blog.  If you haven't read it you can access it by clicking on the funny lady on the right sidebar of this blog. 

I arrived back at Heathrow at noon this Monday.  I had been able to sleep on the plane thanks to being upgraded from World Traveller + to Club Class where the seats go horizontal and make into beds.  After taking couple of travel sick pills to make me drowsy I settled down into a shallow sleep.

My first stop was the office, where I saw the banner.  After a quick update on things I went to pick up my great grandson from nursery.  He wasn't expecting me and just looked at me in amazement.  I said "don't you remember me Leyton".  His face lit up and he yelled "Nanny!" and lept into my arms.  Amazing because when I left he was calling me "Ninny"! 

I dropped him off at his house and stayed to visit with his brother and 2 sisters.  My granddaughter invited me to eat with them but I had had a fancy for an egg butty with HP sauce so I dragged my sorry ass back home to unpack and have a my guilty treat. 

On Tuesday I had a meeting.  My grandson Ali arrived to visit during the meeting and sat in with us until it was broken up by the surprise English Tea Party event.  Very eccentric, but what could have been more appropriate?  That evening I was treated to a meal cooked by the king of pasta himself, my adorable grandson-in-law, Dan, .

On Wednesday I went to the hairdressers, went food shopping and bought back doughnuts for the office only to find that one of the hotel groups had already dropped off doughnuts and goodies for us.  In the afternoon I completely zoned out and watched 6 back to back episodes of  Homeland, interspersed with power naps.  Then Elise & Orianne came to stay the night. 

Yesterday was the "Summer of Love" visit from the Sundial Group.  Again, very appropriate because I had just heard Rod Stewart on the radio singing the Cat Stevens song "The First Cut is the Deepest" followed by "If you're going to San Francisco" by Scott Mackenzie.  Both "Summer of Love" anthems from the year that I first met that crazy man called Davy. 

Tim, the MD of Sundial, was very complimentary and said that of all the places they go they all agreed that they enjoyed visiting us best because everyone's so friendly. And the weather behaved too.  We had one glorious day of sunshine after several days of atrocious days.

While all this was going on two of the sales people were trying to persuade me to write my life story.  I would love to darlings, but when would I have time? 


Maggie May said...

I think you could write a very good life story.

What a wonderful welcome home! Its good to see you back!
Maggie X

Nuts in May said...

You are so kind Maggie. Good to be back. I'm going to have a blog catch up session later today, time permitting!

Sueann said...

Whew!!! What a whirlwind!! Ha!
Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Maggie May thank you for backing me up!! x, I believe she would write a very good book....I for one would buy it...