Sunday 29 July 2007


Are friends an insight into ones personality? If they are, I’m in deep doda. Here is a recently email received, God help me, from one of my dearest friends:

Same old same old here and seriously so manically depressed with the pleut out of the sky - even resorted to buying REAL gardening shoes today - stupid me, should have been wellies!!!! But saw them too late - and returns policy in the market is probably a no-no!!!

Had planned on a dig-in my sons’ garden this week-end - but that's been out of the question so far - although as I type this its a bit like Hello Mudder Hello Farder - I look out and see the rain has stopped....... woman arrested at midnight digging holes in neighbours garden could be me!!! Have so many geraniums to plant, constable!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know how you are.


To look at this lady you would expect her to be extremely conventional. Indeed, in her heyday she had a very successful career in the City of London. It isn’t until you walk down the street with her that you realise she is not quite as you would imagine. Everyone wants to stop and talk to her including (I should add ESPECIALLY) the wild and wacky. Long live your eccentricity oh mad one. I’m privilege to be able to call you friend.


Chris at 'Chrissie's Kitchen' said...

My circle is in the ellipse around the parabola but I'm being rather hyperbola today I think.
Have a good day, R&C.

Lizzie said...

Thanks Lizzie, I intend to. Today is the Swiss national festival and my great grandchildren are going to take part in the village parade. This will either be great fun, or an unmitigated disaster and, I'm ashamed to say, my mood will depend on which! if you hear shouting about 1800 you will know I've finally lost it (again).