Wednesday 1 August 2007


In reply to my mate’s query “how are you?” I wrote:

How am I? Marooned in Switzerland with two mad children that hate me! I'm finding time to write this because they are not quite ready to go out yet. They will let me know when they’re ready. They have rainbows to make first. My life is being ruled by two small girls. Madness or what! They have summoned me. I must go. Talk later

This is her reply:

Ahhhh Switzerland - land of cow-bells and mountains, cleanliness and money.............only similarity to here is obviously mad Grandmothers!!!! Making rainbows seems rather 70s to me. Could you not encourage the little dears to dispense with the irrelevant stuff and get to the pot of gold quicker?????

I have become most accustomed to feeding the ducks now - (Nannie, Nannie we need to get bread for the ducks, come on) - there is now a serious flood warning out for this area since the displacement caused by such fat ducks is too much for the Waterways Department to cope with. The next time one duck manages to take off, fly and come back to land there is likely to be a tsunami in Commercial Road. Just can't tell you how enthralled I am by it all!!! And coming back to that pot of gold, I need it now if only to pay for the bloody loaves of bread!!!!

Managed eventually, with new gardening shoes, to get into son’s garden and plant the geraniums without being arrested. Got a whole swatch of the garden looking quite presentable with other plants from my garden too (daughter-in-law’s parents are coming over in August and they want as much as possible for everything to look nice) and was overwhelmed with the cries of gratitude...........not!!!.........two days later I find they have a hound dog whose greatest culinary delight is obviously geranium and fuscia heads - mine may soon be roast labrador!!!!

Work going well - EOM today and I ate up and spat out the budget so came home feeling rather pleased with myself - then thought that if that is the closest thing to getting an orgasm is anymore maybe I really am getting old!!!!

So that's back to mad Grandmothers and where I came in...... enjoy the rest of your holiday marooned in the land of cow-bells and mountains - keep in touch - and it's definitely lunch as soon as you get back!!!!!

Loadsa as always
PS Just read your blog. Conventional dear one????? The older I get the less I intend to be that and you never have been!!!! Long live that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

That's what's great about having weird friends. They write the blog for me!

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