Friday 2 November 2007


When I first attempted retirement I was very discombobulated. After spending nearly 20 years building up a business with my husband it was difficult to stand down and let others take the strain. And how do you stop being passionate? I don’t know how that one works.

How to fill my endless days, that was the question. I have always hated shopping so that wasn’t an option. I can’t see the sense in hauling myself around hot shops carrying heavy stuff and fighting smelly crowds at checkouts. The only checkouts I use are on my computer. Shopping from the comfort of my own home (as they say) is my bag. You could say that I am your original online shopper.

I tried taking myself off to Switzerland to keep out of the way of progress, I tried becoming a (huh!) housewife? I tried to be a lady that lunched, but nothing worked apart from my one spectacular success, which was squandering the inheritance money. On that very subject, I see the QE2 is having a 3 month farewell cruise next year. That would blow a nice hole in the inheritance wouldn’t it? Very tempting.

Despite all these activities I was still drawn back into the office to feel the buzz. Then I discovered blogging. My early blogs were greatly misunderstood and I must admit that I did upset a few people. Old grumpy tried to explain that they should have expected my blogs to be slightly controversial. I am, after all, crazy. He is so sweet to me.

My blogs were banned from the office website and then old grumpy lobbied and got them reinstated, albeit that they are buried so deep that no-one can find them. There is also a caution that the blog is “the slightly deranged writings of a woman dealing with retirement. Oh, and she's our old boss. Contains strong language”. I still find that offensive, but hey, I have to keep my thoughts on that subject to myself. I think they should embrace and exault my wit and talent, but they don’t seem to think like me. Sad faced gits.

And then my house lost its hat, my home shrank to almost nothing and I had nowhere to work. I was allocated a place on the office mezzanine floor where I now blog away to my hearts content. I look out over the fields, surveying my empire from this lofty position, and watch the comings and goings of the great and good down our “walk of shame”. Now and then I even venture into the business world below, cause mayhem, then withdraw to count my victories. Very satisfying.

And today they should deliver my new HD digibox. Yes, I can honestly say I life is good.


Anonymous said...

once a business woman always a business woman.It is so hard to change that, its our nature.I have worked for someone else for three years and I am planning to go it alone again.
This blogging is good it keeps the mind active and alert in a different way, its often a mix between essay writing and debate.A little frisson is lovely too!
Enjoy your digi box and blog on RaC

Stinking Billy said...

If you are crazy I know where there is a houseful.

But can you explain how your house lost its hat and your home shrank to almost nothing? said...

Thanks for your encouragement Valleys Mam. My problem is that I think I should retire, but don't know how to stop the brain going into overdrive all the time. As you say blogging does help, as does devising ways to squander the inheritance money! By the way, the new HD digibox didn't arrive and my old box "forgot" to record Grays Anatomy this week. Tragedy! said...

So sorry Billy, I am making assumptions again. I told you I was crazy. If you read my blog of 18th June "Onward and Upward" it explains all.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Fabulous blog with gutsy attitude. A pleasure to read. I'm the techie in my house with a BSC Hons in science and a background in IT for 28 years! My husband is a technophobe and even expects ne to come running to switch on his mobile phone! He's a darling but he does play the poor little lost me on technology because he's being a lazy bugger and he'd rather I worked it out for him. Hope you are filling your days more! said...

Thanks for visiting MOB. I have never actually mentioned my retirement project which is researching my ancestors. This week I have had contact from a cousin of a second cousin who is researching his/my history and she has sent me a whole mass of information that I hadn't uncovered yet. I am, as they say, as happy as a pig in shit at the moment. I really do need to get a life!