Monday 12 November 2007


My highly supercharged bestest friend emailed me:-


1. What in heaven's name is a HD TV? Is this an (note the use of "an" rather than "a" before an "h" in case you think me illiterate) high density TV with the capacity of a 250 tog duvet that you only get out of when you spy a sighting of Chris Tarrant, Anne Robinson or Jeremy Clarkson???? Why the hell have one in the first place 'cos there ain't much else available.

2. Why travel all the way to New England to see autumn leaves, as you say, when the most beautiful are in your own back garden (and perchance in your house 'cos the roofs not yet back on properly). ‘Cos at £1.04.99 per litre of diesel it is cheaper to go to New England?

3. What is the true meaning of discombobulated. Is that something to do with the day we first met, when Old Grumpy, his sister and brother-in-law went off in a Ford Anglia to sort out their brother???? And you and I were later told off for being irresponsible when their car ran out of petrol, they pushed it back 'cos no-one had any money on them, and we'd let the fire go out!!!!

and I say yet again............ TAKE ME BACK, COUNTRY ROADS - and long live your blogs!!!!

Love you xxx Lunch soon!!!!


1. My first question is what the hell are you on about with your “an” and “a” – have you finally lost the plot? But I must admit that you do have a good point about why have it anyway? We are currently in the middle of the “silly season” for good programmes and now I have the all singing, all dancing SKY HD digibox there’s nothing worth watching!

2. Amen on the cost of fuel. The fact that I can travel once around the globe cheaper than drive from London to Manchester is one of the first issues I will deal with when I come to power.
3. Your recall of our very first meeting sums us up very nicely. In a word – mad!

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