Wednesday 2 January 2008


Another New Year. I wondered if I should start a new diet while I still had chocolates in the house. Decision – start now. Then in walked my granddaughter with a box of chocolates from her partner as a thank you gift for looking after our two beautiful great-granddaughters on New Years Eve while they went out. It would be rude to start a diet now (wouldn’t it?).

So I then get an email from my potty friend

“and so here it is - 2008 - I'll be 56 by the end of it and when I found a real problem with 55 what the hell will 56 do to me???? So I decided that this year I'm going back into the Tardis and will grow younger by the minute (no comments please).

Therefore one of my thoughts is “get back to the swimming pool”. Do you fancy an aqua-fit class? I have to say the last time I went to the pool was when my Father (who has never been able to swim properly) decided he should do it to get fit again. He jumped in at the shallow end and nearly ruptured his spine. We managed two attendances and I managed two lengths!

During one of those two visits I looked at the ladies doing their aqua- fit classes - jumping up and down in waist high water and waving their arms in the air and if that is all it takes to get fit I think we could do that. Alternatively we could go to Glastonbury!!!! (now there's a thought)

As you do at a New Year I have looked at my life and decided “new year - new life” that'll last until tomorrow - but I have enrolled for an RHS course in garden design. I do not know the name of any plants - I do not know what to plant where - I have never tested the ph balance of my soil (no more do I care) - but I do have a compost bin!! I must be their best candidate yet!!!

And so to 2008, I have New York and France to look forward to - you have Davy getting better (please God) to look forward to - I have a new grand-child to arrive in January, and two beautiful grand-children already here - you have how many grand-children and great-grandchildren?? who make our lives so full and to give us the pleasure of their company

I started this e-mail to say Happy New Year and I end it saying Happy New Year because that is what I wish for you and yours and hopefully I'll see you in the pool!!!

Love you both xxxxxxxx”

So, diet and aqua-fit classes or Glastonbury? Now that's a hard decision for a 67 year old to have to make. Let me think - Glastonbury!

You will remember that this particular lady was visiting Dubai and I wondered how she would fare. The answer to that is that she fared quite well under the circumstances. But that is a story for another day …..


Anonymous said...

Glastonbury it is then, - whahooo!!!!You booking or me??? Dubai, New York, Orient Express, Switzerland - they ain't seen nothing yet xxx

Anonymous said...

Aquafit, definitely! Chocolates in the house at this time of year is perfectly normal. Isn't it?

I hope so. I have so many and they really do have to be eaten.

Crystal xx