Monday 15 September 2008


Our eldest grandson is a chef at The Three Horseshoes in Maddingley, Cambridge. If you are ever in the area call in and say Vinnie’s Nan sent you, I'm sure he would love to see you. It is an amazing restaurant which this weekend received a glowing review from the Weekend Guardian

His boss trained at the River Café and apart from being a highly acclaimed chef himself, is also passionate about passing his skills on to his talented team. All chefs have a few days training at the River Café and then regularly go out with Richard on away day visits to sample the culinary delights of the great restaurants throughout the country.

A couple of weeks ago they went to in Islington, then on to in Old Street via a pub in Farringdon. Next month they go to California for 10 days. Nice work if you can get it.

Now I could go on about Vinnie all day. I may be biased but he is such a great guy and I’m not the only one that thinks so. The ladies go wild for him. He is 28 years old, extremely good-looking, sensitive, caring, not at all arrogant, a wonderful cook and a good housekeeper. In other words ladies a very eligible singleton who loves his Nan.

OK, here is an example of how much he loves me. I have two great passions - bananas and beetroot. Whenever he visits he bring me copious supplies. A couple of months ago I had a dreadful experience. The supermarkets ran out of pickled beetroot because of last year's wet summer. Mon dieu. Vinnie to the rescue. With his own fair hands he pickled beetroot harvested (do you harvest beetroot?) from his own garden and sent it over with my granddaughter this weekend. No greater love hath man than the love he has for his grandma.

And while I’m bragging I have another grandson, Morgan, who is headed for the big time too. He graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA(Hons) in economics, went to work for a year in the City of London, then on to Cambridge University for year where he graduated with an M.Phil, worked as an analyst for another year in the City while he waited for his placement on the RBS graduate programme.

This week he and 20 others on the programme are being flown to Edinburgh for a black tie dinner at which they will be introduced to the Chief Executive. (Wow!) Morgan is also single ladies although he is no good around the house and can’t cook. But one day he should have to where-with-all to “buy in” all the household help any future wife’s pretty little heart should desire. But more important, like Vinnie, he is an all round “Mr Nice Guy”.

I should also say that I am equally as proud of all the other children who are a great credit to the family. They are all caring, wonderful individuals and so good looking every last one of them but this particular blog is especially for the boys.

I sometime have to pinch myself to think that these two talented boys and all the other great children are of my bloodline.

And finally……….I believe that credentials on the wall do not make you a decent human being.


DogLover said...

OK, it all sounds good. But then if they have Gran's blood they're bound to conquer the world.

I hope one day to be taken to that restaurant. Morgan sounds useful: I had a theory that banks knew what they were doing as far as money was concerned, so I invested in them. What folly. Perhaps Morgan can tell me what to do with the shares...

And I have just wiped the credentials off my wall. It looks much cleaner now.

Sandi McBride said...

Is there anything more rapturous than a Loving Granny? lol...I'm afraid there's no girls good enough for these'll have to dig deep to find the beauties these two need to have and hold! Lovely loving post...
Sandi said...

Oh doglover, you're an old charmer and I would be delighted to take you to Vinnie's restaurant.

My mother always told me never to trust banks and there's you, the richest man in Surrey, not listening to her advice.

You should have bought gold. said...

Words do not do them justice Sandi. They have both had great girlfriends in their time and I am sure that when they are ready to settle down they will make the right choice.

...And then there is my grandson, Vinnie's brother Frazer, who graduated in economics and plays in a rock band. But that is a story for another time. He is stunningly handsome, a real babe magnet.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, we're not a million miles away from Madingley - I'll get OH to take me there one day and I'll be sure to say Vinnie's Nan sent me!

Your grandsons sound wonderful, and I bet you're a doting Nan! All as it should be! :) said...

Best book Jay, they get quite busy.

Wayne Ashford said...

Good grief, can you imagine when Vince reads this?

He's my best friend of course and very lucky I am too, although I do bale his backside out of car trouble on a regular basis!

I'll talk to Vince about coming up to see you, we'll make sure we have a supply of fruit and veg :o)

Take care said...

I know Wayne, I'm the grandmother from hell aren't I?. This is what he text. "Read your blog last night and thought it was can brag about me some more in future editions if you like. The only thing is I'm 27 not 28." Now is the nicest guy you have ever met or what? Apart from your good self of course! How's the baby?

Wayne Ashford said...

He was like a pig in shit when i spoke to him about it yesterday but was most upset about the age thing as he constantly reminds me that i'm 28 before him!

Baby Chloe has a cold which means that everyone else in the household has a cold!

I try to be the nice guy - it doesn't always happen :o)