Sunday 26 April 2009


Eddie ( perversely awarded me the Zombie Chicken Award with the proviso that I shared it with five friends. The friends that I have invited to the feast are:

Reluctantmemsahib ( she did say that if I cooked Sunday Lunch with all the trimmings she would come on over.

David ( said he would come, but didn’t show up either.

So these two guests can have a measly wing each because they let my delicious meal go cold last time around.

The following two guests can have a leg each.

Sarah, ( because after reading her blog I know that she can work wonders with her delicious cooking.

Anne, ( because she is trying to sell her house, is totally stressed out and needs a little TLC.

And the breast must go to Sandi ( because she has been very poorly and needs the nourishment and TLC. Maybe Mac could make some chicken soup?

Now that we are all stuffed to the gunnels I will bore you with an after dinner speech. This is actually very funny and absolutely true.

One of our sales team called a hotel and the conversation went like this

"Hello, can I speak to Mr Wood please?

"Mr Wood ? "

"Yes, Mr Wood - is he there?"

"Do you know his collar number? "

“Collar number! No I don't (putting on an authorative voice) can you just put me through to him please?"

"Putting you through now"

"Hello, can I help you?

"Yes, is Mr Wood there please?”

"Who wants him?"

"My name is Kim and I’m calling from Infotel - is he there? "

"Sorry, which organisation? "

"Infotel. Is he there? "

"We do have a Mr Wood, but do you realise that you are calling Dorset CID Headquarters? How did you get this secure direct line number? What exactly is the nature of your call?”

"Sorry, I thought that I was calling to place bookings into the Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth”

"Oh right, well we do have some lovely little basic rooms downstairs, not en-suite you understand, but small and compact with a nice clean thick blanket and a bell to call for service”

It’s great when someone has a sense of humour isn’t it?

And finally …. These two scoundrels are the oldest and youngest boys in my life.


Maggie May said...

Lovely little chap! I meant the grandson! However granddad is a lovely chap too!

Laughed my head off over the phone mix up! How do you manage to get a top security number like that? You do realize that if any thing bad happens there, now, YOU will be chief suspect!

david mcmahon said...

I'm here! Flight was delayed because the airline decided to fire all the pilots because of the global financial meltdown. So I had to get my pilot's licence and fly the 747 here myself. said...

I laughed at that too Maggie. So refreshing to speak to a "public servant" that doesn't think they are God! said...

I'll put the kettle on for a cup of tea David. And because you are so prompt I've upgraded you to a breast (as it were, so to speak!)

Sandi McBride said...

Oh I do love Chicken broth, my friend! And you gave me the pick of the carcass! Lovely girl, you! I'd not mind putting up in that nice little room with the thick blanket and a bell to ring for service...they don't carry guns do they??? Thanks so much, you cheered me immensely!!
Sandi said...

Tell you what Sandi, I'll get my friend flagmaker to make the chicken broth, she makes the tastiest this side of Arkansas and she doesn't carry a gun.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant story and yes, the officer obviously did have a sense of humour!

Lovely photos.

CJ xx

ADDY said...

Loved the second picture with little and large

Sarah said...

They were having a larf, surely? Telling you you'd phone a top secret-type number?
Well, it's not entirely secret anymore, is it?
And, yes, I know Jennifer, she is a lovely, enthusiastic fan of all types of art and her gallery is lovely AND some of my work hangs there, occasionally.
Small world, eh?
Blessings, R&C

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi R&C
What a fantastic ambassador you are to the Zombie Chicken Award project, and glad to see you didn't chicken out inviting David for his award.
The speech/mixup thing was a hoot - very arresting!
Lovely photos - and I've had a great time here after sweating buckets writing a three part love story. I had to dig down really deep in my memory cells -but done now so I can return to siily things which I enjoy more. Glad you picked Sandi, off to see here now - I'll try to see the others soon. Have you nailed your trophy to your side panel? Eddie x

Jay said...

Hahaha! Who said policemen don't have a sense of humour? LOL!

I love the story, and the little chap at the end. Sweet!

Jay said...

Hahaha! Who said policemen don't have a sense of humour? LOL!

I love the story, and the little chap at the end. Sweet!

Snowbrush said...

"These two scoundrels are the oldest and youngest boys in my life."

So...I mean are you waiting for us to guess which is which? Do we get a prize if we're correct?

May I, if it's not too much trouble, bother you with one more question. The name of your blog would seem to imply something, but I'm not sure what. Is it Retired Ergo Crazy, or is it Sane Until I Retired, or, perhaps, Look What Retirement Did To Me. I'm 60, and I'm trying to get some sense of what awaits me. said...

Thanks CJ, lovely photos indeed, but I must confess my daughter took them. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm crap at taking photos. said...

Little and large - I never thought of that Rosiero. Brilliant. said...

Wow Sarah, it sure is a small world. Please give Jennifer my love next time you see her. said...

Yes Eddie, trophy duly nailed. said...

Thanks for visiting Snowbrush. What interesting comments!

The answer to the first is that if you can't tell the difference you are in heap big trouble!

Your second question is not quite so easy to answer. All I can say is "yes".

Can I be so bold as to ask you a question now? Snowbrush? Snow as in totally unique? or as in cold? and brush as in daft as? or clean sweep?

Unknown said...

Zombie chicken leg...Is there a recipe?

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Snowbrush said...

"Snow as in totally unique? or as in cold? and brush as in daft as? or clean sweep?"

Snowbrush as in the ceanothus genus, in particular a shrub that grows in the Cascade Mountains. It's big, aggressive, extremely fragrant, has sticky leaves, and needs fire to germinate. A patient shrub, it can wait decades for a fire to come along if need be.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Thank you, thank you RAC - have just logged in after a few days to find I have some cooked chicken awaiting me. Very much appreciated I can tell you! Loved the story about the phone call - it is good to find humour these days when so many people are gloomy.

Also loved the photo of your two boys, it would put a smile on anyone's face - definitely one for the album! A x

DogLover said...

Snowbrush - intersting about the bush (we're on the other side of the Atlantic).

And about R&C, she has a reputation for eccentricity to keep up, hence her reply to you. In fact, she's only semi-retired and can't keep her nose out of the prosperous business she and Old Grumpy built. She also has one of the sharpest brains in England.

Despite all that, she's a bit of a darling!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your blog for a while now & I love it! I share your posts all the time with my Mom who is probably about the same age as you & is also named Ann. You remind me so much of her! I always tell her she should make a blog - it would be hysterical! Anyway, just wanted to drop by & say hello. So, hello!
Mare Freeborn
Eddystone, PA USA said...

I thought that you would be able to suggest a receipt Sarah. You are the cook of the outfit after all! said...

Cascade mountains Snowbrush? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt (as they say). Are you on slow burn waiting to germinate too? said...

Glad you enjoyed the chicken Anne. I'm cooking roast lamb today, coming over? said...

And I should explain Snowbrush that DogLover is the richest man in the richest county in England. So you can depend on him telling the truth! Not!! said...

Hello Mare, I am sooo glad you visited. I keep asking myself why I do this? Why blog? Who do I think I am that anyone would be interested in my mad ramblings? And then along comes you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have encouraged me to keep spouting my cyberspare rubbish for a while longer. Love to you and your mom and keep telling her to blog. We have lived through some wonderful, exciting times and should talk about it but best of all you get to meet fascinating people.

Snowbrush said...

"Are you on slow burn waiting to germinate too?"

Actually, it's pretty far along here unless you go way up high. said...

Hello snowbrush, I don't have a clue what you are talking about! I'm such a durrbrain! Are you anywhere near Seattle?

Snowbrush said...

"I don't have a clue what you are talking about!"

I'm not trying to be cute when I say that I don't have a clue either. I don't know if I thought I was commenting on another posting or even on another blog.

No, I don't live near Seattle, that is unless you count Eugene as being near Seattle, which by some scales it certainly is.