Saturday 17 October 2009


Our 7- year old grandson wrote this poem.


Raindrops dripping on the ground
And the top of umbrellas
All shapes and sizes and colours
When you hear them running down drainpipes
And making big plops at the end
Then making big puddles for you to splash in
Hear them rattling down the rooftops
Covering your windows with lots of watery splats
Hear the noise they make on your tent if you are camping
You can hear them dripping on your hood
You can feel them drippng on your nose
And they are so thin they can fit through small holes in the clouds
You can see them drop on to the petals of the flowers and
Flow down the hills into the rivers
Raindrops are cool.

Is it me, or is the boy a genius?

We are still no further forward with OG’s problem. He is very, very poorly and extremely weak. He sleeps most of the time and has difficulty walking because his legs just collapse on him. Occasionally we make the precarious journey down the stairs together, but most of the time he just wants to stay in bed.

Last Monday I called in the GP. He was naturally concerned and when I told him that the gastroenterologist the oncologist was trying to refer him to was very busy he suggested that as an alternative he could refer him to the gastroenterologist at our local hospital instead. Therein lies a tale. Our local hospital is not the greatest in the world and, logically, the consultants that work out of it are probably not the greatest in the world either. The GP is very aware of OG’s opinion on this matter. And here I am being quite polite!

However, when the next set of blood tests came back it showed that his liver function was getting worse and I thought that it was time to take action. I asked the GP to cut the crap and arrange for him to see the local man. I also phoned the oncologist to tell him what I had done and he was in agreement with this. However, the GP then changed his mind and said that maybe it was better to keep it all under the same roof. Do you know, I thought office politics could get tricky, but I think that the medical profession take it to a whole new level!

The plan now is to wait for the results of the MRI which we should have by Monday close of business and if it proves there is a blockage in or around the liver the oncologist will have something to go the gastoenterolgist with. If the man in the “big city” can’t see him quickly he will refer him to our local man.

In the meantime the oncologist was swithering about whether or not to admit him to hospital but as nothing would be done over the weekend OG opted for the comfort of his own bed and back home we toddled.


Maggie May said...

The Rain drops poem/song is excellent. Not that I can hear the music. I am reminded of Sacha Distel's hit *Raindrops are falling on my head* but a seven year old wouldn't know that.

I am really sorry to hear that OG has got these problems and I really hope it gets sorted out soon.

Nuts in May said...

I hope the MRI will tell the story Maggie. Fingers crossed.

Mr. Nighttime said...

I know I'm a little behind on this, but are there any hepatologists where you are? (liver specialists) Your gastro doc ought to be referring you to one... said...

They have ruled out Hepatitus Mr N, but you would hope that when he has finally been admitted to hospital they will find the right person to diagnose the problem. Fingers crossed.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Hepatitis is a very general term. If you mean the viral form, that's good. Here's hoping they get the right doc to diagnose him.