Saturday 19 December 2009


When OG first had difficulty managing the stairs we moved out of our Hollywood bedroom into one of our spare bedrooms downstairs. He was never happy there, longing to get back to the luxurious bedroom that he had spent so long creating and this week we finally achieved it. We had a stairlift fitted and, like royalty, he smoothly glided back upstairs again where he could gaze out over the fens from two floor to ceiling balcony windows.

Yesterday the featureless fens were coated in a new fall of snow making them all bright, clean and new and this morning the sun is shining. Very picturesque. I have moved my computer to the bedroom so that I can enjoy the view too and at the same time be nearby whenever he wakes up. Because he does sleep most of the time now, but when he wakes he likes me nearby. A small price to pay for one of the few pleasures that he has at the moment.

This year we have decided not to send out Christmas Cards, but will be donating the money to Cancer Relief instead. It seems appropriate.

Meanwhile we still await the arrival of our latest greatgrandchild. She (because I think that it's a girl) is now 7 days late. George is having a home birth and the snow yesterday caused a worry because she was told the midwives were snowed in and if she started she was to call an ambulance. Today looks OK again though, fingers crossed.


Maggie May said...

Glad OG could make the upstairs bedroom with the use of the stair lift. I'm sure that will perk him up a bit. he view sounds wonderful.
I bet you are glad that the room got completed. I am pleased that my kitchen is all but finished & the rats got eliminated. Just imagine...... chemo with all that going on.

It is perishing here....... brrrrr.
I am expecting my daughter & grandchildren to arrive from Essex late afternoon.
I'm a bit anxious about the snow & ice.
It is sunnier here on the SW coast but there are some treacherous places along the M4 towards the east.. Once she is here, then she will stay for 2weeks.

Nuts in May

aims said...

That brought tears to my eyes.

I'm so glad he can be where he is happy. I think that is important for healing.

I also see the magnitude of your love for this wonderful man. Bless you.

RNSANE said...

What a great accomplishment to have OG ( and you ) back in your lovely bedroom again. It must lift your spirits to have the view, especially the beautiful snowy scene. I do hope it doesn't interfere with the debut of your great granddaughter
( ? ).

Blessing to you and your family!!!

jay said...

Good to hear OG is in a favourite room again. Bless him. He is not having an easy time of it, and neither are you. I'll make a donation to Cancer Relief on your behalf, and will keep you both in my thoughts.

ADDY said...

Sounds like things are still rough for both of you. I am glad the chairlift has made a difference... maybe now he will be able to join in over Christmas or retire upstairs when he feels tired. You are so good to sit with him so you are there when he wakes up. It must be so exhausting.