Friday 2 April 2010

Building Project

This hotel is one of the first, if not the first in Villars, built, I believe, for the English. This is the last month it will operate in its original form. Next month a massive 2.5 year renovation will start, the biggest building project in Switzerland.

I feel priviledged to have been one of the last to have experienced its genteel splendour.

My friend Monica and I went, for me a hike, for her gentle stroll, to see the little Adonis in flower. They only flower for 2 weeks in one location near Martigne. It is a ritual that she observes every spring. It was very bracing hauling myself up the Mountain in a howling gale! I must be mad but I admit I felt pleased with myself for making the effort.

Today is glorious, so Lavey les Bain for a pamper or more walking? Ummmm? Hard one!
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DogLover said...

That's the typical Alpine walker's exclamation: " I must be mad, but I admit I felt pleased with myself for making the effort"! It's a bit like banging one's head against the wall - nice when you stop.

Make sure you take lots of photos of the hotel in its genteel state - they'll be worth a lot of money to future historians.

Maggie May said...

Continue to have a great time.

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Didnt you slip over on the snow?