Saturday 3 April 2010

A long walk

Another glorious day yesterday. Too good to stay in, even too good for the spa so off we set to walk part of the way from Barboleuse ( elevation 1211) to Solalex (elevation 1462) a distance of approx 4K. This road is closed to traffic in the winter making Solalex only accessable to skiíers and walkers.

As I am completely out of shape I had no expectation of reaching Solalex but we told ouselves that we would just go to the next corner, then the next etc. And before we knew it we were there ordering a life saving bowl of soup together with a small glass of local wine in the rustic refuge.

Monica then did her little party trick of feinting. She seems to have a problem with melted cheese as in whenever she eats it she passes out! Not funny when you are up a mountain with no way down but the Air Ambulance, a skidoo leaving in another 4 hours or the way we came up - foot! The patron bought a cushion and a blanket, she slept for a while and then announced she would walk down! And how could I argue with a tough old bird like that? Respect! Off she marched with me trailing behind and before long we were enjoying hamburger and chips back at my hotel. I tell you they don't make 'em like that anymore!

Today we were more gentle with ourselves!
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RNSANE said...

I would faint if I didn't get that melted cheese...oh, such fun, living vicariously and vacationing with you in Switzerland.

Happy Easter!!

Maggie May said...

I just LOVE melted cheese..... so I.m glad that I don't have this problem.
Happy Easter.

Nuts in May

DogLover said...

I make that an ascent of 828 feet - no idle matter! Well done, slim cowgirl!

Having met Monica, I can't imagine her ever fainting! I hope she's entirely OK again. Please give her my regards.

PS I agree with the comments about melted cheese - how could one live without it!