Thursday 1 April 2010

More snow

Yesterday I had a peek into our old apartment. I probably shouldn't have done that because it made me want to buy it back again! The present owners have made it look beautiful, much better than our unimaginative but fuctional decor. It is up for sale but that was then and this is now. Move on. Apart from that, I can't aford it. All together - ahh!

I then spent the morning at Lavey les Bains. This is natural, bath warm, swimming pool complex. I start by gaving a hammam, then have an aqua massage, swim in the mineral water pools, then into the sauna, onto the darkened tranquility room to relax to the sound of tinkling bells, then relax in the aroma suite to the sounds of whatever season is sheduled at that time, like Summer birdsongs, sounds and perfumes etc.

I'm not sure what today will bring because it is snowing heavily at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

This just sounds fabulous.

DogLover said...


Snow? It brought Norther Ireland to its knees yesterday. And a bit of Scotland.

Sounds as if you are being good to yourself. All your readers are no doubt as envious as I am. We may get together to buy you your old apartment back, beautiful furnishings and all.

jay said...

Lavey les Bains sounds just what the doctor ordered! Perfect relaxation! Lucky you!

It never does to go back to houses you have left. There are always 'issues' of one sort or another.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there.....Flagmaker

RNSANE said...

How lovely the snowy scene is and, boy, do I wish I could have had your day with the hot baths, the massage, and all that. Sounds just glorious.