Monday 19 July 2010


Last November I "acquired" three speeding tickets whilst Davy was in Addenbrookes Hospital. Because I already had 3 points on my licence these tickets would have taken me up to the maximum resulting in a driving ban and because I was Davy's primary means of getting to his various medical appointments I asked a specialist solicitor to look into the validity of the 30 MPH limit on this wide, tree lined avenue.

This opened up a can of worms culminating in my appearing in court this morning. I had a really "colourful" barrister who set out the fact that this road had a somewhat chequered past in that it had been at various times in it's history 30 MPH and then 40 MPH and still was 40 MPH along some stretches which are signed 30 MPH! Are you with me so far? However, sods law being what it is, the section that I was on is officially 30 MPH and correctly marked as such.

He went on to explain that had we been given this information last November when we first requested it I would have held up my hands and pled guilty, but the lack of co-operation and information from all the authorities concerned had resulted in this delay which had been finally resolved last Thursday when they released the information.

While the barrister was calmly and patiently explaining the history of this road there was much head shaking and lifting of eyes on the magistrates bench. They concluded that I should only be fined the bare minimum set penalty costs with 6 points on my licence and not the additional exhorbitant costs that Cambridge City Council were asking for. They admitted that this road had caused many problems over the years and were, I thought, extremely sympathetic towards me. I now have to drive like a nun until next March when the 3 points from the previous speeding offence drop off my licence.

As for the barrister.....we had coffee with him there IS a colourful character, but client confidentiallity prevents me from revealing anything. My lips are sealed.


DogLover said...

Phew! That's a great relief - for all your friends and family who would otherwise have had to drive you all over the place!

If one's used to driving, a ban would be a real life-changing event, wouldn't it.

And a lawyer who gets your approval? I never thought I'd live to see the day!

DogLover said...

By the way, since when did we have to have your approval to comment on your blogs, moderator?

Or should I say "moderatrix"?

ADDY said...

They should have let you off with extenuating circumstances. That road sounds confusing, though. Hope I don't have to drive along it! said...

When did I ever approve of lawyers? I approve of you don't I? Although I guess you were never a REAL lawyer were you?

Regarding the moderation, I have been getting some weirdo dropping adverts for viagra etc on random blogs so, unfortunately, I am moderating at the moment. I don't like it though and may just have to put up with the sleezy scumbag! said...

Actually Addy the magistrates body languages indicated that they were gobsmacked at the way Cambridge City Council had treated me. I felt their extreme sympathy.

I know that the outcome would have been exactly the same if I had gone ahead and pleaded guilt last November, but at least it bought me time and, as I said, I couldn't take the chance of losing my licence while Davy was alive.

Maggie May said...

That was a near squeak!
We also have a few roads like this with varying speed instructions that don't make sense.
Maggie X

Nuts in May said...

Interestingly enough Maggie there has been talk this week about the speed cameras being withdrawn because they haven't been proved to improve safety and, more to the point, funding is being reduced.

Until such time though I have to drive really, really carefully until next March.

Ashley said...

You driving like a Nun don't make me laugh :D said...

Yes, but I'm sure there are mad nuns Ash.