Wednesday 21 July 2010


In preparation for my BIG TRIP next March I have dug out my Freedom Universal Keyboard. I switch it on and - heypresto - with the help of my trusted IT expert taking good instruction and advice from me, I have a full sized keyboard instead of having to use the diddy keyboard on the BlackBerry.

So that is that problem solved, my next challenge is do I need an IPad? It would be good to be able to Google and read books on the hoof, as it were. I know I can Google on BlackBerry but it's not quite the same without a good sized screen. Or should I make do, Google on BlackBerry and take Davy's EReader with me? Much easier to read books on.

...And then there is the question of how to I charge my batteries? I think that I am leaning towards a Power Money with Solar add on.

Anyway, enough of that, the keyboard is now tested and I'm going for a power nap. My brain hurts.
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walk2write said...

I have no idea what you're talking about in this post since I'm technologically challenged, but I can't stop smiling about your visit to the ER and the girls' night out.

Maggie May said...

All these modern gadgets leave me in a whirl!
You sound as though you know what you are doing with yours!
Glad you are managing to do so many interesting things.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

DogLover said...

Freedom Universal Keyboard, huh?

Sounds good.

And what about an Eagle Bi-Seisto, with a Super Filmate? They would save space in your napsack. I think you can get them at Dixons, but they're a bit expensive.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Can't help you decide any of this RAC but WHERE are you going next March. Curiously, Anne x said...

Sorry, walk2write I am wittering on about my need to get geared up for my BIG ADVENTURE next March when I join a group to travel overland from London to New York. As I will sometimes be out of signal or/and wifi plus might have trouble charging up my phone etc I'm looking into several solutions. said...

I know Maggie, they leave me in a whirl too, but don't forget I have good backup to help me in the office said...

You josh me again DogLover. said...

I'm glad you asked me that Anne, it is my favourite topic of conversation at the moment and everyone around me is heartily sick of my voice.

I am going overland from London to New York with the Ozbus

It will take 3 months and goes overland to China via Russia, across see to Alaska and down through Canada to the USA.

Each morning I wake up thinking "what am I doing? I'm 70 I should know better", but everyone tells me that if I don't do it I will always wonder if I should have.

Anyway, I can always catch a plane and come home if I don't like it. said...

DogLover, before you gleefully point it out, there is a typo. See should, of course, be sea. Now I've opened up the floodgates for you to correct all my crap spelling and grammar, but hey, I love it when you display your superiority.

Ashley said...

An iPad, well I am not sure that it offers very much over your blackberry. You just have to ask yourself some questions:

1) Can you be bothered to lug it around?

2) Will it give you something that you can not do on your blakberry?

3) How will you access the internet, as fas as I know there is not a standard version that has complete cell phone network connectivity. There is 3G but I am guessing 3g coverage will be sketchy at best in china etc.

4) If it does give you more functionality, does the iPhone provide it too. They run many of the same applications. And iPhone will support gprs/edge (basic cell phone networking) all the way thru to 3G (with the right model)

5) Once again how to charge the damn thing.

Have fun mulling all that over, double check with your IT guys!

Ashley xx said...

Guys, meet Ashley, my good friend and mega geeky guru. Thanks Ash, I'm mull that all over. I think I would have to be on a different 'phone contract because at the moment I think only have 8mb free data access pm. Sorry, I'm thinking out loud.