Sunday 26 September 2010


Eve Pollard one of my favourite journalists and one time editor of The Sunday Express and the Sunday Mirror was reviewing the papers on TV this morning during which she revealed that her grandchildren call her Grandma Bonkers. A great name and very distinctive.

My own grandchildren and great-grandchildren, being the fruit of multi-marriages have multi-nannas, some of us with the same christian name so it can get quite confusing. I have been called many things ranging from Nan, Nanny, Big Nan (my mother was Little Nan. They assured me that it refered to my height and not my width, but I didn't actually buy that). Big Nan was pluralized to "The Bigs" to include Davy (now I'm simply called "The Big"). Some of my great-grandchilden call me "Nanny Bullet" originating from their mother who used to say "you're quick, what do they call you? Bullet?"

So... Grandma Bonkers? Yes, it has a certain ring and fits me well.


Sueann said...

Those are interesting names for sure. I think Nan or Nanny are best. I am Grams or Grandma Sue!!
I have to say that I love being a grandma. Told my son I should have done that first! Ha!

Unknown said...

I love the name Grandma Bonkers! I am Grandma Eva to my step-grand kids, and Memere to the rest of the grandkids.

Maggie May said...

I should have asked my grandchildren to call me that because it is most fitting! Pity you pipped me to the post because now I can't copy you!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Yes, it would suit me very well too, especially lately but I am Nanny because it is close to my own name.