Friday 24 September 2010


Vincent Cable gave his speech and raised some very interesting points. Now I realise I'm just an old woman who doesn't understand how these things work but I do know that rampant commercialism kills competition, just as the man said. It's the nature of the beast. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we have a Monopolies Commission to stop businesses becoming too big and powerful for this very reason? And while I'm on the subject, as we have this legislation how come 96% of banking transactions in the UK are channelled through 4 banks?

So, what's the answer? It certainly isn't nationalisation. We all know how that one goes. Unskilled public servants attempting and failing to run massive corporations. Uggggg!!!

Then there's that other mob. The Unions. Now demanding no public sector cut backs and, amazingly enough, PAY RISES or they will strike. They should be flung in prison for treason. We teeter on the brink of global financial collapse and they don't want to help because the bankers caused it? Get real.

There is talk that "small government" is being advocated. I could see this working provided we, the good citizens of this Country, take more interest in what is happening, particularly what our leaders and public servants are doing. Make them accountable. I know, easier said than done. We need a true democracy run by the people for the people and we need it now.

And now for something completely different - dada.........

Warning, you have to be broad minded to view this video.

I suspect that "cheap air flights" might be a particularly a European UK phenomena, originated in the UK by EasyJet.


Unknown said...

Sounds like the same problems we have here on the other side of the Atlantic!

RNSANE said...

Oh, Ann, will politicians ever learn. I find it so pathetic and hopeless. But, at least, your video about cheap flights gave me such a laugh, I went to You Tube to check out more of their videos. Hysterical. I needed a good laugh today.

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