Wednesday 29 September 2010


The Ministry of Defence has been asked to reduce its £37bn budget by 10%. This morning Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, warned that "draconian" spending cuts while the UK is at war will result in "grave consequences"

No Mr Fox, MofD money wasted on the jobs redeployment pool is resulting in "grave consequences" . This sounds like a good idea, but let me tell you that it is being grossly abused by people who deliberately relocate to rural areas where there is little or no chance of redeployment. Whilst waiting in the job pool they draw full pay and are entitled to take another job until something suitable is offered.

Another "grave consequence" is the unbalanced ratio of 85,700 civil servants in the MofD to 92,250 soldiers.

Yet another "grave consequence" is that highly experienced Defence Contractors are outmanoevring and overcharging inept, inefficient, inexperienced, nieve and ever changing MofD buyers.

I know people working in this sector and the waste is mind blowing. There is no need to cut the Armed Forces, just stop this scandalous misappropriation of the public purse.

But the MofD is the tip of the iceberg. I know individuals in the public and local government sectors and who are being instructed by their line managers not to work so hard because it looks bad on the others. And then there is the police. Another can of worms Again, I know this to be true from personal accounts. I could go on all day.

It simply has to stop. No wonder the Country has run out of money. It's not only greedy bankers that have caused the problem it's systemic greed throughout the whole population from benefit fraud to MP's inflated expenses and all the stops along the way.


Unknown said...

Sadly, this goes on this side of the Atlantic as well. said...

But, looking on the bright side, we have men's pants this side of the Atlantic too! Loved it.