Monday 24 December 2012


I was speaking to a couple at dinner last night who said they had been cruising the world for over 30 years and the 3 days we spent in the Atlantic storm coming out of Southampton was the worse they had ever known.  They said that ship felt as though it was going to break up at times.  And I thought it was just me being panicky!   I know when we went through rough seas in the North Pacific coming into Alaska the waves were much higher but the motion wasn’t nearly so bad. The worrying thing is that we have to go through those waters again on the way back!  Let’s hope that God is not in such a bad mood this time.

So, that’s the Canary Isles done. Tick. Next stop Lisbon. Yesterday we went on a Tapas &Wine tour which sounded fun, but the motion of the coach navigating steep inclines and tights corners coupled with extra soft suspension made me feel queasy and I spent the rest of afternoon wanting to throw up on my fellow passengers who were getting progressively paralytic and sillier by the minute. 

On our 2nd day at sea we had to book our table for Christmas dinner.  When we met our new friends John and Julie we wished that we had met before we made the reservations so that we could have had Christmas dinner together and then we found out that we are actually on the same take anyway!  How odd is that?.

We did” Gran Canaria in a taxi with another couple we have met up with.  We negotiated the price down from Eu100 to Eu80 for a 3 hour tour and had a great time.  The taxi driver spoke little English but was a bundle of fun and between us we learnt a little Spanish and he learnt how to pronounce Islands.  He was saying Icelands!  It took us a while to figure that one out. 

He turned out to be a football fan (now there’s a surprise) whose forte was to recite the players, clubs and managers of English foot teams.  Oh! How we laughed!  We enjoyed it so much that we are now going to "do" Lisbon in a taxi too.  It will probably turn out to be a nightmare.

Blogger is being a real pain at the moment, so I will have to cut this short.  I'll catch up when I get home. 


Sueann said...

Sounds divine! What a wonderful trip you are having. I am glad you are enjoying yourself.
Merry Christmas


Maggie May said...

Wonderful trip! I've been to Gran Canaria (by plane). Hoping that you have a wonderful Christmas and that by the time you get back, Blogger will be working better. I'm having trouble scrolling down.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

You really have become quite an adventurer, haven't you? I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time travelling the world - even if there are cruel seas and even more cruel coaches!

By the way, soft suspension gets me like that, too!

doglover said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself most of the time. Nice to make so many new friends.