Wednesday 19 December 2012


Here I sit on the P&O Azura having spent the, day in Madeira fulfilling one of the wishes on my “bucket list” – cocktails at Reeds Hotel, Madeira.  How mad is that?  Last week I was in England trying to keep warm and here I am 6 days later in sunshine.
The cocktail was good, the hotel was snooty, the view was spectacular, been there, done that, move on.  Petra next?  Who knows!

I never thought that I would take to cruising, and to tell you the truth I’m still not sure about it.  But all I can say is that there is never any need to feel bored or lonely.  Plenty to do, masses of people to talk to, some interesting who have the potential of becoming lifelong friends and some maddening who I would never wish to see again. The interesting ones I seek out and the boring ones I avoid (easily done amongst 3100 passengers and 1200 crew.

Speaking of crew, our Captain is really good looking and really young!    I suspect that he is even younger than most of my grandchildren.  He is probably a naughty little boy really.  I wonder if his mother knows he is in charge of this big ship?

What do you think of this joke?  I was told by entertainment staff  at our dinner table last night:-

An Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman were discussing what the fastest thing in the world was.  The Englishman said he thought that electricity was the fastest because you flick a switch and on comes the light.  The Scotsman disagreed, he thought that the mind was the fastest thing in the world because your body reacts to thought instantly.  The Irishman said “Oh no, I think that diarrhoea is the fastest thing in the world”.  The other two looked at him in amazement.  “Diarrhoea?  How can you possibly think that?” “Well yesterday I had diarrhoea and I didn’t have time to switch on the light or even think about it!”  Boom, boom!

Funny or what?


Anonymous said...

Wow cant believe Ann that last week at this time we were talking about you going to Reeds for cocktails and now you have only been and done it.... another tick off your list...

Have a lovely time Ann


ADDY said...

Fings aint wot they used to be. Thirty years ago, Reid's was heaven on earth. Ah well, I'm thinking you've still struck gold with that captain!

Sueann said...

Ha!! Boom boom indeed!! Enjoy!

River said...

Ha Ha! Boom Boom indeed.

Oh, wait, someone else already said that...
Have a wonderful time on the rest of your cruise.

doglover said...

What I want your readers to decide is, what are the Captains's chances of getting away from you, the poor man?

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Hahaha, very good! LOL!

So, cruising, is it? Good for you! Love the line about the captain: 'I wonder if his mother knows he's in charge of a big ship?'!