Wednesday 15 January 2014


I have been told that some people have not been able to leave comments on my post. I had my IT guru take a look but everything seems to be OK.  If anyone else is having problems can you email on  I suspect that the culprit might be this wretched word verification thing and if that's the case I might just have to drop it and verify each comment myself, but that would be tedious! And tediosity is not my thing!!  TA.

So, on to stuff.  Two things.  Benefit Street and the NHS. 

For those of you who do not have the dubious advantage of watching British TV, there is a programme showing at the moment called Benefit Street.  I have deliberately not watched it and from the feed back that I'm getting my instincts are spot on.  Even the thought of it makes me want to lay down in a darkened room with a hand full of tranquilisers.  As the title would suggest it's about low life, no good, criminal, idle idiots justifying and bragging about the "life-style" they enjoy at the cost of the British tax payer. The real problem is that they are allowed to breed future generations with the same delightful "life goals and choices".  I say castrate them and let the rot stop now.

And as for the National Health Service, don't get me started.  Listen to this story.  At an inquest yesterday it was reported that a boy of four died in a "chaotic" hospital ward where he was so neglected after heart surgery that he resorted to sucking the moisture out of wet wipes. 

But that's only half of the story. He was operated on for complicated cardiac problems after which his parents were told that he would spend five days in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). However, after 18 hours was moved into a general ward because "the bed was needed" where he soon deteriorated .  He was then  moved back into the PICU ward for 11 days and was recovering to the point where he could get out of bed and play with toys.

They then moved him back to the general ward again which was "busy and chaotic".  When he became poorly and dehydrated his parents begged the staff to help him and what did they do?  They silenced the potentially vital alarms which monitored his condition!  It beggars belief doesn't it?  No matter how busy they were there is no excuse for this, not even the usual mantra "lack of staff due to Government cuts".

Finally after struggling for another month he suffered a heart attack, then a brain haemorrhage and died.  

What is it with these people? Where is their compassion?  How can they be allowed to get away with it?  This is serious neglect which, if it happened anywhere but in a hospital, would be criminal act. We lock up petty criminals and leave callous animals in charge of our sick. I use the word animals simply because I can't think of anything else to call them, but actually animals don't act in this cowardly way.


Ashley said...

I can think of words, they are not for here though!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch Benefit Street either Ann because programmes like that just wind me up, and put me in a bad mood all night.

Anonymous said...

And also it wouldn't let me leave comments either but seems to be working alright now