Friday 17 January 2014


Is anyone else as stupid as me?  I am really struggling with google+ on blogger.  Until I installed it anyone could comment and as a consequence I made many good friends.  So...trying to be "with it" I decided to go with the flow and upgrade to google+ with the promise that it would increase my "circle of friends". 

I actually find google quite worrying in that it seems to know more about me than I know about myself.  Sometimes I can't remember where I've been, but google knows.  I even see photographs that I don't remember taking, but google remembers and google introduces me to "friends" that I never knew I had. 

With crazy thoughts vacillating through my head I finally told myself  "don't be so pigging paranoid, get a grip of yourself and stop having these mad imaginings" and pressed the button.   True to the google promise, blogger suggested a new "circle of friends" but they are total strangers and have nothing in common with me.  What is the sense of that?

Then I stopped getting comments altogether  and thought "everyone's so bored with my ranting they have stopped reading the blog, and I can't say I can blame them.  Who want's to read the mad ramblings of an old lady anyway".  So my blogs became more infrequent and then I virtually stopped.

However, at Christmas my dearest friend died suddenly and I felt the muse rise within me again.  He was such an extraordinary man that his passing couldn't be left un-recorded.

One of my good blogging friends Maggie then wrote to say she had felt moved to comment on my post but couldn't, in fact she hadn't been able to leave comments for some time.  I had my IT guru look into it, but he said there wasn't a problem that he could see.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I wondered if the problem might be google+ so this morning I uninstalled it, heard from Maggie that her son had installed it for her, changed my mind and re-installed it again, changed my mind again and here I am, in a right mucking fuddle! And the google instructions are like reading Mandarin!  The authors of these instructions obviously have faith that they readers have half a brain, which I obviously don't!  I'm not even sure now whether I have google+ switched on or off!!

Help, anyone else experienced or are experiencing similar problems?  If you are I guess you can't comment, but you can email me on and tell me what the flip should I do now!  In the meantime if anyone is looking for me (which they seldom are unless they are looking for money) you will find me laying in that dark room again. 

Addendum: After writing this I thought "what am I doing, I have a talented programmer sitting in the next office, I'm going to get to the bottom of this".  I bribed him by promising that if  he fixed my problem I would go away, never to bother him again.  He laughed. 

So, "what is the advantage of having google+" "it's just like facebook" "but what is the advantage" "it's just like facebook".  I could tell this wasn't working!  "Right do I need it" "I don't know, do you?".  That wasn't working either.  "Can you get me back to where I was when anyone could comment" "yes" "how" "delete google+" "but do I need it" "I don't know, do you?" Not on the same page again!  "OK, delete it".  Job done!!  Any problems let me know.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!


Anonymous said...
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Maggie May said...

Well... now I'm totally confused too.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

retiredandcrazy said...

Well Maggie, I dumped google+ and now I'm getting comments on facebook instead! Is this because there is still a problem commenting on the blog? My brain hurts.

Eddie Bluelights said...

I can comment - Maggie can comment - it seems the world can now comment. Can you hire out your computer whiz kid to uninstall ALL our google +s. if we have them that is. I cannot remember whether I have and have no way of telling!! . . . . I cannot remember switching to google + but I may simply have forgotten, after all if I sometimes fail to remember my passwords then why not forget whether I am in google + LOL.
I long for Blogger and Google to be just like they were and even Yahoo has changed to look and operate like Google.

Sorry you have had to cancel your holiday and hope you fully recover soon.
Hugs ~ Eddie said...

Yey! I guess we could be looked on as Luddites Eddie, but whatever, that works for me!

Anonymous said...

Hmm wonder who that was in IT then, why cant they just speak in a language we can understand lol
I am pleased you have it sorted so we can now leave comments again