Monday 27 January 2014


My life seems to get crazier every day.  Take this week.  I am waiting for the plumber to ring me with a firm price and a date to fix a new boiler which has been on the blink since Christmas.  It finally gave up on us a couple of weeks ago and we have had varied opinions on what to do.  Eventually the boiler got fed up with me flip flapping around and decided to take things into it's own hands. One day I swear that I heard it begging to be replaced and then it simply stop working.   So here we are, with a massive freeze being forecast, no hot water, most rooms without heat and four children to keep clean and warm.  Help!

Apart from that I have a very busy week.  Today I go to an evening supper at church followed by a discussion on "Christianity Explored", a course that started last week and which I had intended to go to but had to turn back because the fog got too thick.  When a  friend of mine knew I hadn't gone she said "drat! that means my prayers were all in vane"  I asked what she had been praying and she said "I was praying that you would ask the people running the course to answer all your silly questions"! She said it with a smile, so I know there was no malice intended! 

I guess I do have silly questions, but it seems important to me to know how Moses wrote the chapters attributed to him. Had he learnt hieroglyphics when he lived in Egypt with the Royal Family? Did he write on papyrus?  And have any of these documents survived? 

And did the gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John know each other and collude in their writings?  And were all, some or none of them at any of the events they wrote about ? Did Paul, who used to be Saul of the Road to Damascus conversion, ever meet Jesus? I have many more amazing questions to ask but when I start talking I see people start to glaze over.  But you see a girl's got to know these things.

OK, so that's today.  Tomorrow I go to for a meal with my friend Jean and then to the movies to see Saving Mr Banks.

And on Wednesday things really hot up.  Golf in the morning, Chit Chat in the afternoon (Liz hosts a meeting of ladies from the church at her beautiful farmhouse.  It is, as it says on the tin, a chit chat afternoon where Liz plies us with hot drinks and home made cakes)  and then back to Liz & Bruce's in the evening for Church Home Group.  My brain hurts.

Just as well I have a busy week because they are rammed with work in the office and I only get in the way.  For those who don't know, my late husband Davy and I started a hotel booking agency in 1989 and took it on-line in 1995.  Our website addresses are, and  We went on to do corporate bookings and today one of our new contracts goes live.  So they don't want me hanging around asking silly questions do they?

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