Saturday 16 June 2007


A friend of mine who also follows the wifeinthenorth sagas wrote, referring to her blog on 11th June about an anti-bullying workshop, “what I dislike about these PC people is the patronising way they talk, as if they alone know The Truth and the rest of us are infants”. Now ain’t that the truth. I'm glad it's not just me. Odd that he didn’t reassure me that, in comparison to wifeinthenorth, my writing is NOT shallow and inadequate (see my last blog). Ummm!

Reading wifeinthenorth prompted me realise that I hadn’t ranted for a while, at least not publicly. I'm am, however, beginning to feel a rant building up about public funds being wasted on needless road signs and CCTV that, if there is a crime, the police are too busy to look at anyway!

The Highways Department have recently spent months putting up poxy useless signs between here and our nearest town, naming the villages, restricting speeds, tut-tuting that I am driving too fast etc. They have even erected a sign to make us aware that ducks are crossing the road, now that’s a step too far.

That’s another thing, is the Highways Department still called the Highways Department or has it wasted public funds on a name change like countless other ineffectual government departments? Oh! Silly me, it’s now called the Highways Agency. Well, well what do you know!

But need a life saving operation? Sorry, we don't have the funds and anyway most of our health workers are off sick - so there! And the ones that aren’t sick are too busy chasing down patient records that they lost in the first place to bother with mundane things like doctoring and nursing.

Has no one in this ridiculous government heard the story of how Nero fiddling whilst Rome burnt? This country is feeling uncannily like Rome at the moment.

On a more personal note we have spent the last few days packing and moving stuff out of or to different locations in the house so that we can isolate “the building site” from the “home”. In the process my computer has been re-located back to the office which is a bit of a bind because I now have to take a trip to blog, read and reply to emails and all that good stuff instead of just sauntering into the spare bedroom. Still, the exercise is good and I get to meet people.

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