Friday 22 June 2007


When my life is uncertain and stressful (as it often is) I take a few positive steps to get me out of the confusion.

1. First I look at myself to see what I can do to improve my attitude and not blame others for my feelings or situation.

2. This has to be done on a daily basis because it’s so easy to drop back into negativity. Let’s face it negativity is more familiar, dramatic and comfortable, but ultimately can lead to depression.

3. I don’t go chasing happiness and have to accept that sometimes it is necessary to stand still and hurt.

4. I attempt to remove myself from the centre of the universe and take positive steps to improve the life of others.

5. I put effort into the family, helping out with the children whenever I can etc.

6. I have to be comfortable with who I am and where I am at, whatever circumstances I find myself in.

7. I take steps to take a hold of my life and change things for the better. This is probably the hardest because it seems to conflict with taking myself out of the centre of the universe but I sometimes have to positively change things because if I’m in a mood I make trouble for everyone else!

And having said all that most days I get it massively, massively wrong and have to go back to the drawing board! Plus everyone around me would say who gives a shit, you bitch! Oh well!!

And having said all that can you count the number of times I have said I, me and my. I don't think that I have quite got it right yet! It's all about me, me, me!! And to be honest my life is still a mess. In hindsight, ingnore the foregoing, it's all crap.


Chris at 'Chrissie's Kitchen' said...

Dear R &C, why do you think your life is so crap?

You are, like me, still above ground at least.

Lizzie said...

Lizzie, I'm sorry I gave the impression that I think life is crap.

I was trying to convey was that my writing is crap! No, I think life is great and getting greater!

Incidentally, I have just read your blog and YOUR writing is great!